There are some gorgeous, albeit narrow and winding, routes around Japan that get you from point A to point B. If you’re in a hurry, though — like your kid is about to lose it in the back seat, or your haul from Costco is thawing in the trunk — or you’re traveling a substantial distance, Japanese toll roads might be a necessity.

But — O-M-Goodness — there are so many slots and buttons! Do they take card or just cash? What the heck is ETC?

Live Iwakuni is the best backseat driver we’ve ever met. They’re explaining in the calmest of voices all the ins and outs of driving Japanese toll roads. No road rage and fake brakes here. You’ll be cool, calm, and collected driving 80 kph through Japan.

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Navigating Japanese Toll Roads (etc) With Live Iwakuni

Photo Credits: Kristi Stolzenberg

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