Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland in Southern California have some big changes coming this spring. In addition to the brand new Star Wars: Galaxy Edge land opening in California on May 31st and a replica opening in Florida in late August, the Disney company is also changing its policies on the sizes of strollers allowed within the park.

Headed To Disney? These Double Strollers Fit Disney’s New Rules

In anticipation of the large crowds expected during the rush of the new Star Wars land, which is in addition to the regular insane summer crowds at both parks, Disney is now banning any stroller wider than 31” as well as any push- or pull-wagons like the very popular Keenz push-wagons.

Headed To Disney? These Double Strollers Fit Disney’s New Rules

Parents of multiple toddlers and preschoolers are whipping out their measuring tapes, trying to figure out if their double strollers will actually be allowed on their next Disney trip, or if they need to spend even more money on an already expensive vacation on a new (or several new) strollers. Here are a list of double strollers that fit the new regulations:

Don’t want to buy a new stroller? Patrons will be able to rent strollers at Disney for $15 per day.

But double strollers and wagons aren’t the only thing that is going. Smoking areas are now being eliminated within the parks, so much so that smokers will have to go outside the gates or to the resorts. They are also banning dry ice and loose ice; however, Disney representatives confirm that it is not all loose ice. Ice in water bottles or in plastic bags will be allowed but loose ice inside coolers is now banned.

The new rules will take effect May 1st, 2019 for both US-based parks. Visitors should contact their Disney travel representative or visit the Disney World or Disneyland rules pages before visiting to learn all the new rules.

Disney World and Disneyland are popular places to vacation. The upcoming summer months are always a busy time at both parks, and the new rules are to help with the inevitable congestion from the new Star Wars: Galaxy Edge land as well as the regular summer visitors.

The announcement of price increases during the high season times make Disney vacations even more expensive, and purchasing a new stroller for your vacation might not be at the top of your list. Borrow a smaller double stroller from a friend, rent a stroller at the park, or consider adding a stand to your single stroller for your older kids if possible to help save some cash.

Headed to Disney?
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Headed To Disney? These Double Strollers Fit Disney’s New Rules


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