With the recent Senate hearings about the conditions of base housing across the nation within all branches of the United States military, military leaders are beginning to take action. The Secretary of the Army announced it will be conducting extensive surveys with service members and their families to find out the issues families are having, as well as having the privatized firm, Corvias, to conduct air quality checks in each of the 2,800 homes aboard Fort Meade. In addition, they will be renegotiating the 50-year contracts with all seven of the privatized housing groups that house Army service members and their families.

Now it seems that the Marine Corps has followed in suit with swift action. On Friday, February 22nd, the Commandant of the Marine Corps General Robert Neller ordered that all commanders are required to request to visit the home of every Marine and Sailor aboard the base including government quarters, privatized base housing, and off-base civilian rentals.


Knock, Knock: Commandant Of The Marine Corps Orders Base Commanders To Visit Housing

Military families are not required to have commanders visit their residence; however, it will be required that each commander make an official request for an in-home visit to each Marine and sailor under their command. Any family can deny the request if they wish. The order is to ensure that commands know the issues their Marines and sailors are facing when it comes to base housing.

  1. Identify any safety or maintenance concerns.
  2. Ensure living conditions are environmentally safe and healthy.
  3. Determine any actions necessary to create a safe, secure, and healthy environment.
  4. nsure that family members are aware of any support and programs available to them for housing issues.

This quick action from the leadership of the Army and the Marine Corps shows that they are listening. The brave military spouses who have continued to advocate for military families around the world have given us all a voice, and now the leaders of our military are finally listening.

Have an issue with base housing? Here are 5 Steps to Take to Report Issues with Base Housing.

Knock, Knock: Commandant Of The Marine Corps Orders Base Commanders To Visit Housing


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