Those who live the military lifestyle often joke that PCS does not stand for permanent change of station, but rather permanent change in sanity or probably chaotic somewhere. Enter the Organized Chaos app.

What It Is

Organized Chaos is a lifestyle planning app designed to help over 1 million active-duty and selected reserve spouses around the globe organize the ever-changing, stressful, exciting military life. Recent statistics demonstrate that 80 percent of all active-duty and selected reserve families have children, with 73 percent having children under the age of 5. Pair occasionally sleep-deprived parenting with this often-uncertain lifestyle, and it’s easy to see that a little streamlining could be so useful — especially if you can use it one-handed on your phone.


The creator of the Organized Chaos app, Ashton Reagin, is a military spouse and parent who works fulltime. She has lived the military lifestyle for 12 years, moving seven times, all the while navigating the challenges of moving work, moving house and home, parenting, and all those other ankle biters that happen in the military life. To calm the storm in her own life, she built the application. Reagin reveals, “[I] built this app out of my own necessity to organize my harried and chaotic life. As I began sharing the idea with other military spouses, I realized I wasn’t the only one who needed this app.”

Organized Chaos App

What Comes with the App

Within the app, users will find:

  • A digital planner pre-populated with military-related holidays and observances
  • Countdowns
  • Populated checklists pertinent to military life
  • Stacked, a ribbon rack builder (Anyone else’s spouse start caring about this the week before the ball?)
  • PCS Portal
  • Peer support and guidance from other military spouses
  • A dashboard to personalize the look and feel of the app

Organized Chaos App

How to Get It

The Organized Chaos app will be available for download starting in September 2018 at the cost of $1.99 for Apple platforms. For all you Android users, it’s coming soon! 

Organized Chaos App

Can’t wait to organize your chaos? Head over to Operation Organized Chaos for more app-specific information, including demos and screenshots of the app.

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Organized Chaos App

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