As a military family, it can be hard to truly love where you live. I get it. PCS after PCS can wear a person down. The location could be thousands of miles away from your family. It could be in an area that is new and far removed from civilization. One friend’s new duty station was an hour from the nearest Target. Now, who plans that? Target to base distance should definitely be factored in, right?

But I am here to say that you can truly love where you live. It might take a couple of weeks or months, but it is truly possible. With these helpful tips, you will be well on your way to loving where you live, guaranteed.

How to L.O.V.E Where You Live Each and Every Time You PCS

How to Love Where you Live

L – Look Up Info

Look up all you can on the housing area and community you are moving to. Research takes a lot of work but it is so necessary to ensure a smooth move. It might only be a couple of months lead time before your big move, so if there are a couple of top contenders for your next location, start by requesting a relocation packet from the Chamber of Commerce in that area. Chambers are happy to send this to you in the mail and its chock full of great information on the area from school districts to real estate information. This was the best thing I did before every move and I felt instantly connected to the community, searching local events and the housing market.

O – Outreach

Get on the social media pages for that area and start connecting now to those living on that base and in the surrounding community. Ask questions like which schools are top-rated, should you live on- or off-post, what is the surrounding community like, and best places to search for a home. The military network is a wonderful resource and you have to use your friends to get insight and scoop on the place. This will save you from making a big mistake down the road.

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How to Love Where you Live

V – Visuals

Have you ever searched the web for pictures of an area or a home and it looks so wonderful, and the showed up to find out it was not what it seemed? It’s important to get visuals on the area or home to make an educated decision for your family. It can be hard to rent and purchase homes sight unseen, but there are many ways to make this happen. Do you have a friend living in that area already that can prospect the area? MilHousing Network is also a great resource when it comes to all things housing-related. One quick reach out and an agent will be on your team to find you exactly what you want. This concierge service and continuity of care are what it was founded on—ensuring military families have a way to make better PCS moves.

E – Realistic Expectations

Know that any place you move to is a clean slate and that while a house on or off post may not feel like “home” right away, it will get there. Keep your expectations realistic and look at this move as an opportunity to try something new out. You won’t know what your new space is like until you get there. You can finally try out those curtains you’ve been wanting to put up. But more than that, a new place is a wonderful opportunity to make your mark on the local community. Go with the intention to reach out and form new bonds and friendships in the area. Be the neighbor you wish you had.

We at MilHousing Network know how difficult it can be PCS time and time again, but we are here to provide you with the support your family needs. We connect military families with pre-screened military real estate experts all over the country. We’re built by military spouses to help military spouses and military families PCS better.

I hope your journey this PCS season is stress-free and full of new adventures. Let there be lots of LOVE in your travels and remember that it is truly what you make of it. Happy PCSing!

As a military family, you need a real estate company that understands your unique needs. At MilHousing Network we connect military families with pre-screened military real estate experts all over the country. We’re built by military spouses to help military spouses and military families PCS better. Every home sold within our network directly supports the military spouse community by creating employment opportunities for our fellow spouses. Join our Facebook group.

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How To Love Where You Live


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