Changing up your scenery every three years can either totally suck or be one of the coolest opportunities you will ever have. A shift in perspective can truly make all the difference. Yes, moving often comes with the frustrations of broken furniture and tested friendships, but actually getting to “see the world” has tons of incredible benefits.

There is much to gain by switching up your home base more often than the typical family. The perks aren’t very difficult to find either. Let’s take a look at the situation from a slightly new angle to discover some of the treasures awaiting your military family as you move all over this big, beautiful world.

5 Undeniably Awesome Things about Moving Often

Awesome Things about Moving Often

Becoming Well-Traveled

How can you say you’ve really lived without trying life in many different places? Not just for a short time either, but truly living somewhere for months at a time. By being stationed in multiple places all over this country, and maybe in several others too, you get to experience a broader sense of things. As you move somewhere totally foreign to where you were raised, you can come alongside new people with a culture that is different from your own.

Think of what’s like to grow up in New York and be suddenly transported to coastal North Carolina. Or what a West Texan might experience as a newly arrived Californian. Living a well-traveled life gives you a better understanding of human existence on a whole—in a way that transcends what you can learn sitting behind a laptop.

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Moving Often Gives You a Workout

You may already know this, but moving is basically like one 5-week-long endurance race. For some, it’s even longer! This is a bit silly, but it’s true—you are definitely going to get a good workout or 15 over the course of your move. Squatting and lifting will be continuous so have your hydration source at the ready, even if the government is moving you.

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Think of all the things that you’re going to be cleaning and pre-packing. All of the box-shuffling that is inevitably going to fall to you. This is definitely one of those perks you have to look a bit harder for, but there’s no doubt about it—you are going to get some free sweat sessions. All we can say is, lift with your knees.

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Grow your Network

By necessity, you’re going to grow your network and make way more friends than you ever would have if you had stayed put in your hometown. How exciting for the social butterflies among us, and rather frightening for everyone else. However, regardless of how much you love or hate these prospects—we promise—it’s so so good for you to be meeting all sorts of new people all the time. Constantly adding to your roster of friends and acquaintances means that you’ll have a much bigger support system than most, and you’ll be happy to love right back on these people.

See More of This Beautiful World

How many people can say that they have lived in a desert, by the beach, in a big city, a country town, and a tropical paradise? Not many! What an honor it is to truly get to “see the world!” If it were not for military living, you’d never be able to experiment so often with such radically diverse environments. Because you’re forced to, you may as well enjoy the ride. Take in all of the history, culture, and sights at each and every location you’re stationed. Take the train, eat the weird local delicacies, and hike the terrain. Even if you started off hating your new town, once you really experience it, you’ll surely have a change of heart.

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Clear out the Clutter

Have you ever helped someone move who has lived in one location for over 20 years? Unless they were extremely vigilant, the accumulation of unused things can be shocking. Staying in one spot for a long time makes it easy to collect while moving often keeps non-essentials from sticking around long. The more you can cleanse your current home of these non-necessities, the more peaceful and lovely it will be in your new place. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how much you don’t miss the stuff you send to the thrift shop. Alternatively, you can try your hand at reselling your old stuff to make some cash, or hosting a “take my stuff” party.

Now you have an answer to strangers that exclaim, “Military life must be so hard for you!” In reality, it’s quite the contrary. Military life is a unique blessing. One that requires you to start experiencing it before you can see its beauty. Sure, your first or second move feels impossible from the onset, but once you get through it you’ve grown into a better, more adaptable human. You’ll soon learn that moving often is a gift.

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Surprisingly Awesome Things About Moving Often


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