Board results are out and orders are coming in. ‘Tis the season to prepare for a PCS. Military children deal with a lot of change and grow to be flexible and resilient for it. It is important to keep some things common and similar through times of change. Maybe you aren’t moving this summer, but looking at a long road trip or out of the ordinary travel. There are a few products that can help young military children through a transitional time.

5 Things to Help Children Through a PCS Transition

Melissa and Doug Water Wow
This reusable coloring pad is perfect for travel and moves. The black and white images are revealed to color with the water brush. Once the images dry, they can be painted again. And the brush can be filled with water along the way. Reusable. Refillable. Easy to pack. Check!

5 Things To Help Children Through A Pcs Transition

Playtime Sleeping Bag
Whether sleeping on a C-130 for a Space A flight or in a hotel room while traveling to and at the new duty station, this sleeping bag provides both comfort and warmth, but also comes with games. With selections in pink and blue, each sleeping bag has 25 games on the bag itself for entertainment along the travel way. If the military started issuing items to families, this for sure should be one of them!

Playtime Bed Sheets
Similar to the above sleeping bag, these sheets can help your child feel right at home in their new environment. Put them on your child’s bed long before your move and play some games every night. Not only will you have a chance to connect with your little one right before bed, but the routine is one that can follow you to your new home. Even if everything else is different, their new bed in their new room can feel just like the old one with the same sheets and same routine. These are available in pink or blue and twin or full size and come with a fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillowcase.

5 Things To Help Children Through A Pcs Transition

Wall or window decals
Another multi-use item. If you use window decals, they can entertain on a car window, an airplane window or tray, and in hotels along a move. We have also used them to decorate windows as a personal space in a long-term hotel stay, and once moved into our new home as a way to decorate a new room. Bringing something from one home to the next can also help with the transition on a move. Just be sure to use window decals on windows only to avoid color transfer to paint on walls. Annnnnd Amazon has choices from Star Wars or Alphabet Wall Decals that can be delivered to any address within two days.

5 Things To Help Children Through A Pcs Transition

Something from home. All the things in the world cannot compare to the comfort of home. Maybe it is a stuffed animal, a car or a doll. Bringing something from home brings that piece of familiarity with them. If you are traveling without our active duty spouse, maybe invest in a Daddy Doll to bring them with you.

5 Things To Help Children Through A Pcs Transition

Military children are resilient and strong. Sometimes they rock the change, sometimes they don’t. Preparing to ease them into travel is immeasurable for them, and for the whole family. What do you use to help your children with travel or a PCS?

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5 Things To Help Children Through A Pcs Transition


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