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Live Iwakuni Presents: Japanese Shopping Essentials

Live Iwakuni Presents: Japanese Shopping Essentials

Shopping in a foreign country is a little bit extra sometimes — just like guac at Subway. But, even if you’re the most dedicated of online shoppers, you will eventually need to shop where you’re stationed OCONUS. Our favorite Iwakuni, Japan experts over at Live Iwakuni are breaking down Japanese shopping in about two minutes.

They have some phrases you need to know, like “Do you carry this?” or “How much?” and they’re also going to make sure we know just how clutch coins are in Japan. Watch and learn…and save it so you can avoid wandering the aisles of a Japanese grocery store or 100-yen store looking for something they don’t even carry.

With this video in your corner (or, better yet, saved on your phone), and the five pounds of yen you’re hauling around in your purse, you’re a little bit stronger. You’re on your way to becoming a Japanese shopping master and a whole lot less likely (when performing Tooth Fairy duties) to leave a 500-yen piece under your kid’s pillow.

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Speaking of yen coins, how do you pay for Japanese toll roads? Find out as Live Iwakuni guides us through them.
Live Iwakuni's Japanese Shopping Essentials

Photo Credits: Kristi Stolzenberg


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