Military spouses are amazing. But sometimes, we forget we don’t need “things” to be such. If we can live for weeks out of only a suitcase worth of clothes while we PCS, why do we continuously watch packers and movers load up dozens of wardrobe boxes when they pack up the house? When we struggle with buying furniture that may or may not fit in the next house, why do we have too many clothes to fit into the closet?

Chances are, you aren’t wearing everything in your closet. Chances are, you haven’t worn most of those things in months — if not years. And chances are, you feel like you can’t get rid of them.

Enter: the #WearYourCloset challenge from Encircled.

Why You Should Do The “wear Your Closet” Challenge

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Why Encircled?

When Kristi Soomer found herself living out of a suitcase as she constantly traveled for work, she realized she could live out of a bag if she was intentional. Which was quickly followed by, “Did I really need that much in my closet?”

Soomer decided what she really needed was better and more versatile clothing. That’s when Encircled was born. She started with the Chrysalis Cardi – an awesome 8-in-1 piece that you can wear. “The true inspiration was getting more out of less by having sustainable, stylish, and ethically made clothing,” Soomer said. And now, six years later, the evolution of the brand has moved to align with the trendy idea of minimalism and building a minimalist wardrobe.

Why You Should Do The “wear Your Closet” Challenge

Wear Your Closet Challenge

Consumerism doesn’t usually jive with minimalism, so Soomer and her team at Encircled came up with the #WearYourCloset challenge as a way of inspiring people to get more wear out of what they already own. “Nothing is worse than having someone buy the right piece, but then not wear it,” she said.

Encircled has run their challenge a few times, noting that it changes each time. “We want people to have time to participate, take into account season challenges, and think about if they really need to do it,” she said. Participants get emails with styling tips and are encouraged to share their pictures with #WearYourClosetChallenge on social media.

Why You Should Do The “wear Your Closet” Challenge

Special Closet Advice for Military Spouses

While seasoned military spouses will encourage you to keep the good winter coat even though you’re moving to Hawaii or the bathing suit that fits well to Fort Drum, is that really practical advice?

“Moving across different climates definitely makes it harder because you do want to keep some stuff in case,” Soomer admits. “You need more versatility, and you need to be more selective.” Her advice centers around finding the value. A big investment piece – like a winter coat – may be worth keeping, but a t-shirt doesn’t need to stay.

“Revisit your wardrobe as much as possible and if these clothes are adding value to your life, keep it,” she said. Military spouses – just like everyone else – have different values surrounding their lifestyles, locations, and work and social environments; Soomer knows your wardrobe needs to flex to that. “Big life transitions are a great opportunity to shift wardrobe. Ask yourself, ‘Does it fit with I am and who I want to be?’”

Why You Should Do The “wear Your Closet” Challenge

The Best Feeling

After launching a company and a clothing line, Soomer is still finding joy when others find joy in their closet. Her favorite part of watching people do the Wear Your Closet challenge is “Seeing when someone has a moment where they’ve found a gem they haven’t worn, and they love it.” She says, “They may not see the piece regularly, or they forgot about it, but when they find it – it makes them feel amazing and it goes into their regular rotation.”

Follow Encircled on Instagram to participate in the next #WearYourCloset challenge!

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Why You Should Do The “wear Your Closet” Challenge


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