Red alert — this is not a drill — Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (which is probably why your favorite lady sent you this article). It’s time to start looking for gifts to show that special woman in your life just how much you love her. Daily Mom Military found Valentine’s Day gifts that she is sure to love because we love them, too! Take a look, and get some wonderful ideas for this special day of love for the one you love the most.

1Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Guardian Band

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Women have to take special considerations when they are doing anything alone. Running, walking home, late nights at work — all these things require certain precautions. Show the woman in your life how important her safety is with the G|B Defender from Guardian Band. This smartwatch not only offers voice and video calling, as well as fitness functions, but it also helps her feel guarded with its unique safety features. With one touch of the SOS button, she can immediately make a video or voice recording and her GPS coordinates are sent to her personal cloud account. It even has its own SIM card and phone number, so she doesn’t need her phone nearby to operate it. Keep her safe and comfortable with the G|B Defender.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

Pre-Order the G|B Defender for $175.

2Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with EyeBuyDirect

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

We all spend our days looking at screens, which can be damaging to our eyes. But there are new digital screen protection glasses that can help shield your eyes from the damaging lights emitted by computers, phones, and tablets. This Valentine’s Day is a great time to treat those eyes you love to get lost in with custom eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

EyeBuyDirect has prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids. You get to choose the frames, the lens options, and the fit, so they are as perfect as they eyes they protect. They are delivered right to your door in a matter of days, making the process simple, easy, and affordable — especially compared to Tricare’s eye coverage.

Buy a custom set of glasses from EyeBuyDirect starting at just $8.

3Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

B Flywnyq Main X

If you’ve ever uttered the words “I dont have time,” (and let’s be honest, what mom hasn’t), you need an Instant Pot. This thing can tackle multiple time-sucking problems for every mom. Just dump a bunch of ingredients in the pot and have them ready for dinner in half the time, with no constant monitoring. All of a sudden you’re able to make dinner and do something else at the same time, and you only have one pot to clean afterward. Plus, with the multitude of settings, you no longer need your rice cooker, steamer, 42 pots and pans, or even your beloved slow cooker. Get rid of that kitchen clutter and streamline your life one pot at a time.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will LoveBuy the right Instant Pot model for you starting at $99. 

4Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Modern Monocle: Emmiliene Rose Gold Ruby Monocle Necklace

Modern Monocle

When you think of the word monocle, you may instantly think of an elderly man or the peanut guy, but Modern Monocle is more than that. This company is bringing a beautiful modern touch to an old concept. They have developed a line of necklaces that function as monocles or reading glasses for readers wearing +1.00-+3.00.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

This stunning Monocle Necklace is the Emmiliene Rose Gold Ruby Monocle. It is so sleek, and if you didn’t need to use it to read, you would have no idea that it was such a purposeful piece of art. This is the perfect gift for your all the women in your life that won’t let style be compromised by aging eyes.

Buy the Emmiliene Rose Gold Ruby Monocle for $89.

5Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Mali + Lili

Mali And Lili

Make way for an ultra-functional date-night accessory! Mali + Lili have created the Tina Leopard Print Reversible Vegan Tote! In case functionality and versatility weren’t enough, they’ve also made it reversible and in a sexy print. Her favorite pair of jeans just got hotter with this eye-catching and outfit-enhancing tote.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

Someone has to have the attention in the room, it should be you with the Tina Leopard Print Tote on your arm! Take date night to the next level this Valentine’s Day with Mali + Lili.

Buy the Tina Leopard Print Reversible Tote for $85.

6Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Magnolia and Vine Aurora Snap Bangle and Original Snap Collection

Magnolia And Vine Aurora Snap Bangle

Add this beautiful bangle bracelet to your list this Valentine’s Day. The Aurora Snap Bangle is so versatile. With dozens of interchangeable snap options, you can make this piece work for everything in your closet. A wonderful magnetic bangle style opening means you don’t have to worry about it not fitting the recipient. The Aurora Snap Bangle is just heavy enough to allow for wonderful detail, yet light enough that you want to wear it all the time. Check out the available snap centers from the Audrey Red Snap Collection to accent the middle of your Aurora Bangle.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

Buy the Aurora Bangle for $29.99 and any of the Original Snap Centers starting at $17.

7Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Living Spaces

Grey Cotton Throw

Looking for function and beauty in your home decor? This fringe-accented throw blanket from Living Spaces pulls double duty and would certainly step up the cozy factor this Valentine’s Day. Part of the Magnolia Home collection by Joanna Gaines, you know this one’s a winner.

Buy the Magnolia Home Collection Throw Blanket from Living Spaces for $59.

8Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Isabelle Grace

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

Can a girl really ever have enough jewelry? No, the resounding answer is nodo you hear us? But, we’re picky, so listen up. We don’t want just another heart necklace; we want something unique that roots us right where we are at this time in our lives. The Hammered Heart necklace, available in gold or silver, from Isabella Grace is not a piece of heart jewelry you would expect to see on your pig-tailed, 5-year-old daughter. It is simple and understated with a touch of rustic charm. Isabelle Grace will also personalize your Hammered Heart necklace with initials, a significant number (like a date or Bible verse), or a short word with big meaning (in case you’re all set on jewelry with your monogram or your kids’ initials). Choosing the perfect text gives this Hammered Heart the attention to detail that will take this gift from thoughtful to priceless.

Buy the Hammered Heart Necklace from Isabelle Grace for $56.

9Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder

Complete Plant Collagen Builder Rich Chocolate

For those looking to seriously put a stop to aging skin, this 100 percent plant-derived, vegan, and non-GMO supplement is an answer to your prayers. While most skin solutions attempt to fix issues from the outside, the PlantFusion supplement works from inside your body at the cellular level, giving it the building blocks necessary to build and protect its own collagen. Fine lines and wrinkles quiver in fear! You can trust that you are getting only the best ingredients in this high-performance mix because all of PlantFusion’s products are backed by their Purity Promise. They are also delicious in both vanilla and chocolate!

Buy the Plant Fusion Collagen Builder for $43.99.

10Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Lorena Canals Terrazzo Rose Quartz Pillow

Lorena Canals Terrazzo Pillow

We all know, sometimes you just need a good cuddle, especially as a party-of-one for Valentine’s Day. This sumptuously textured pillow from Lorena Canals is ready to be your new snuggle buddy. Both a decorator’s dream and comfort enthusiast’s delight, the Terrazzo is machine-washable, as are all of Lorena Canal’s pillows and rugs. These cushions can perform double duty as both bedroom and living room decor with their modern feminine aesthetic. This pillow is a must-have accessory for those who love to lounge in comfort and in style.Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love

Buy Terrazo Rose Quartz Pillow for $39.

11Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Chamilia Delicate Heart Earrings

Chamilia Delicate Heart Earrings

Nothing says love like the symbol of a heart. Chamilia’s Delicate Heart Earrings are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day. Created perfectly with a beautiful finish and a soft round appearance, these lightweight stunners are sure to be a hit! Every lady likes jewelry and this wonderful set from Chamilia is beautiful and affordable! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Buy the Chamilia Delicate Heart Earrings for $30.

12Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Majka

Valentines Day Gift For Her

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the on-the-go nursing mama. These yummy Majka Lactation Bites are made with natural ingredients that help supplement daily nutrition and support lactation. They come in two flavors: the original and the new chocolate flavor (yum). Show how much you love and appreciate your nursing mama with this delicious treat.

Buy Majka Lactation Bites for $24.

13Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Disrupt-Her

Disrupt Her

Brought to you by the founder and CEO of THINX and, this she boss has created a manifesto as a call to women everywhere. Miki Agrawal leads you through 13 different areas of our lives as women and helps us dissect those areas and situations in ways that empower! The author also shares with us other stories of badass female movers and shakers and encourages the reader to lead the life of her true self and unleash the inner entrepreneur.

Buy Disrupt-Her for $17.70.

14Valentine’s Day Gifts She Will Love with Goddess Garden

Aromatherapy Bracelet

Give the gift of aromatherapy to your Valentine with the Goddess Garden Aromatherapy bracelet. This beautiful bracelet is made with porous lava rocks that carry your valentine’s favorite essential oil scent wherever they go. Goddess Garden also sells essential oil blends that are perfect to use on the bracelet. This is a great way to show your valentine that you care about her mind, body, and spirit.

Buy the Goddess Garden Aromatherapy bracelet for $14.99 and essential oil blends for $9.99.

You want the woman in your life to feel special this Valentine’s Day. She knows you care, but it doesn’t hurt to remind her. Get her something special and let her know she deserves it (especially if she tells you not to get her anything — she doesn’t actually mean that).

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women That She Will Love


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