Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. We know your tough guys and girls are probably telling you not to get them anything, but we all know that that’s a bald-faced lie. Show them how much you love them and that you see all of their hard work each and every day with gifts that are perfect for them. These gifts speak to their military lifestyle with outdoor gadgets, tactical gear, and some things that will just make them smile. Browse our favorite picks for Valentine’s Day gifts for military guys and girls below.

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1Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with The Freedom Cabinet Slider from Wisconsin Metal Artist

Wisconsin Metal Art

Jason Bourne has nothing on this beautifully crafted piece of functional, patriotic art! The Freedom Cabinet Slider is 2 feet long, perfect to display over a fireplace, yet small enough to put on a closet wall. If you are a safety officer, as we all should be around firearms, then you can opt for the RFID Lock and Key Cards. The locking mechanism is crucial to good gun safety.

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

The Freedom Cabinet Slider is cut from 16-gauge, cold-rolled, mild steel and is beautifully handcrafted in Wisconsin, USA. Buy American-made this Valentine’s Day with this show-stopping piece of creativity.

Buy your custom gun safe from Wisconsin Metal Art here for $234.95 non-locking and $334.95 with RFID and Key Card Locking.

2Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Guardian Band

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Military service members are constantly training. Whether it is for military training or physical training, they are constantly on the go. The brand new G|B Defender from Guardian Band is the ultimate in safety and fitness tracking. This smartwatch not only has voice calling and video calling, but it also has fitness functions just like other smartwatches. However, the best part of the G|B Defender is its safety features. You will feel safer training on your own because the G|B Defender has video recording, voice recording, and sends GPS coordinates to your location with the touch of an SOS button. It is a great gift for military guys and girls who are often training in remote locations.

Pre-order the G|B Defender here for $175.

3Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with 5.11 Tactical

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Sometimes your military service member just needs functionality even when they’re not in the field or at an FOB. 5.11 Tactical keeps them ready and prepared no matter where they are or what they are doing. They have carry-conceal clothing and bags for men and women, footwear, and outdoor training gear, like cold-weather undergarments. You will be able to find everything they possibly need when it comes to out-of-uniform tactical gear for the range, out in the field, hunting, or just everyday life.

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Get the perfect tactical gear for the military guy or girl in your life from 5.11 Tactical.

4Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Soundcast VG1 Wireless Speaker

Valentine’s Day Guide-cc

Surprise your honey with the gift of technology! The VG1 Wireless Speaker from Soundcast is not only lightweight, portable, and waterproof, but it is built for audiophiles, boasting superior sound quality. These speakers have a built-in, rechargeable battery for up to 15 hours of playback, plus Bluetooth 4.2 with a range of 30 feet. All of these features make it the perfect accessory that can seamlessly move from home to office to gym!

Buy the Soundcast VG1 Wireless Speaker for $149.99.

5Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls SoulElectronics: Run Free Pro BioHeadphones


Wonderfully portable and hands-free — these Run Free Pro BioHeadphones from SoulElectronics are sure to improve your exercise experience. With Bluetooth and real-time, in-ear performance coaching, these headphones are sure to be an amazing accessory to all of the athletes in your life. The Run Free Pro BioHeadphones measure stride, speed, leg force, balance, consistency, step length, and the list goes on. If you are serious about improving your workout this is a must-have item.

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Buy the SoulElectronics Run Free Headphones here for $149.99.

6Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with the TUSHY Valentine’s Day Bundle

Ushy Valentines Day Bundle

Nothing is worse than feeling unclean after a bathroom stop. By giving the TUSHY Valentine’s Day Bundle you will be giving the gift of confidence and ultimate hygiene! They want to be clean and, of course, you want your partner clean so give the gift of this awesome bundle that includes the Tushy Classic, Bamboo Bath Towel, Bamboo Butt Cloths, and an amazing tee. Really, it’s four gifts in one, and it’s a gift that keeps giving daily for years to come! Give the gift of clean confidence this Valentine’s Day!

Buy the TUSHY Classic Bundle for $130.

7Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Bear Pillow

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Our military service members work hard, and that means they need the time to rest and recuperate when they can. Quality bedding is something that every soldier, airman, sailor, Guardsman, and Marine looks forward to when coming home from a long day at work, weeks out in the field, or a deployment. Bear Pillow offers one-of-a-kind comfort with its memory foam and double-sided ICE ventilation system (because we all love cold pillows).

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Bear Pillow is the perfect way to show your service member you love them this Valentine’s Day. Get one for home or send one off to their FOB while they’re deployed for extreme comfort and rest on especially hard days. Because love is letting the other person sleep.

Bear Pillow offers a discount to all military and first responders. Shop here for all Bear Mattress products.

Buy a king-sized Bear Pillow for $115.

8Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Create-A-Drawer

Kristi’s V-day Guide Entries

If January had you “sparking joy” all throughout your home and you came to the joyless void that is your guy’s sock and underwear drawer, Create-A-Drawer is the beginning and end of your Valentine’s Day gift search. We don’t know why our guys still have boot socks with holes in them, literally only one pair of trouser socksno wonder they never take us anywhere fancy, and pit-stained undershirts. You’re a tough guywe get it, message received. Create-A-Drawer lets you give your tough guy a much-needed refresh and upgrade without scouring the internet — good grief, is that a shirt from a mud race in 2004? Create a small, medium, or large drawer of basics based on what looks good to you, including socks, underwear, tops, and a wild card based on your guy’s most desperate situation. Let him unwrap the joy himself, or fold them all into happy little rectangles for him and put them into his drawer (this totally counts as two gifts, trust us).

Buy a customizable Create-A-Drawer starting at $75.

9Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters

Decibullz Custome Ear Piece

For the sharpshooter in your life, we bring you Decibullz Custom Molded Percussive Shooting Filters! These perfectly thermo-fitted earpieces are the ultimate way to experience the shooting range this year. The earpieces cancel all percussive sound (gunshots, artillery fire, explosions), but the moment those sounds are not present, all other sounds can be heard! That is amazing! How many times has your significant other had earbuds in and they cannot hear you? The Molded Percussive Shooting Filters solve this problem!

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Giving the gift of confidence on the range and out in the field, the Molded Percussive Shooting Filters allow you to have 360-degree awareness by being able to hear what is coming up behind you while still canceling out the sounds of the gunshot. This is sure to be a hit with your military member this Valentine’s Day.

Buy Decibullz for $74.99.

10Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Meater Probe

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Your guy loves to grill, and he loves his meat and potatoes. But no matter how much of a talented chef you are, you still need a great thermometer to ensure that your meats are cooked properly and to your liking. With the Meater Probe, he can do just that. This stainless steel meat thermometer is designed to be durable and water resistant for easy cleanup. It is Bluetooth enabled so you can watch the temperature in real time via the app, so you know exactly when to stop cooking. It measures both internal and external temperatures of the meat as well, making it easy to keep track of how he wants his food cooked. Get the chef in your life the Meater Probe to help up his grilling and cooking game.

Buy the Meater Probe for $69.99.

11Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Oomo

Oomo Earphones

There’s nothing better than to be able to truly enjoy the crisp sound of music through a good pair of earphones. The Oomo Surround Sound Earphones are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one who loves to listen to music, play video games or watch movies. These earphones deliver movie theater-like surround sound and acoustics like you’re hearing it live.

Buy the Ooma Surround Sound Earphones for $69.95

12Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with ROCCAT Renga Boost Gaming Headset

Roccat Renga Boost Gaming Headset

Sometimes there’s nothing better than escaping into the world of a video game, but to have a truly immersive experience you need to use the right type of gaming headset. These headphones from Roccat have a breakthrough design for comfort and ventilation and boast studio-grade sound so that you can keep your focus in-game. They’re also multi-platform compatible, with PlayStation®4, Xbox One controllers that feature a 3.5mm headset jack, mobile, and PC. With a lightweight design and robust build, this headset delivers countless hours of superior performance.23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Buy the ROCCAT Boosting Gaming Headphones for $49.99.

13Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with datAshur Pro

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Your service member is often working with classified or protected documents both at home and at work. Especially when we PCS, we are often carrying hard copies of important documents along with us, but it is always important to keep a backup of those items in another form. You can keep all of your orders, birth certificates, and more safe in digital form with the datAshur Pro. This encrypted USB is passcode protected and keeps all your documents safe — even up to government standards. You can even make it a special Valentine’s Day gift by adding personalization to the back!

Buy the datAshur Pro starting at $49.

14Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Sawyer Utility Bracelet

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

The Sawyer Utility Bracelet is a sleek and subtle survival tool with a stylish and classy facade. The Sawyer Utility Bracelet comes in two versatile colors, leaving the explorer in your life with endless possibilities of matching this useful accessory. You never know when a survival knife will be necessary, and having immediate access to it from your wrist is a wonderful option. Get one for your service member spouse this Valentine’s Day!

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

 Buy the Sawyer Utility Bracelet for $40.

15Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with PlantFusion Complete Protein Powder: Red Velvet Cake

Complete Lb Red Velvet X

Instead of chocolate and sweets, give the athletic love of your life the gift of complete protein nutrition with PlantFusion Complete Protein Powder! Proven to sustain energy, build and repair muscle, this product is sure to help get the job done in the gym. With nothing but good things inside (non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, allergen-free, and dye-free) this product comes in numerous flavors, but most importantly this Valentine’s Day, you can give the gift of healthy red velvet cake with the PlantFusion Complete Protein Powder in Red Velvet Cake flavor! Does it really get better than this? We don’t think so and neither will your valentine!

Buy PlantFusion Complete Protein Powder in Red Velvet for $33.99.

16Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System

Ph Dezwml Sl

The Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System is perfect for all outdoor activities, domestic and international. It gives you access to clean water indefinitely, no matter where you are in the world! By using Sawyer Water Filtration Systems you are sure to ingest 99.9 percent clean water and you are supporting a very important global mission — bringing clean water to all. Sawyer Filtration Systems are a safe guarantee that clean water will not be an issue in your adventures.

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love Buy the Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System for $28.99.

17Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Related Garments

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Sometimes all you need is a rockin’ set of underwear to start the day off on the right foot. Related Garments has gone above and beyond with their matching sets for women and men. These super-soft undies are comfy, the boxer-brief sets come with two pairs of socks, and there are even matching bralettes. Grab a pair for you and your sweetheart.

Buy the Renegade Set for $35.00 or the James Goldcrown Collection Cheeky Brief for $9.00.

18Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Civvies

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Did you KonMari all your old t-shirts? These super-soft t-shirts are guaranteed to spark joy for both you and your partner. They are lightweight and designed and made from old uniform pieces, The company even donates a portion of their profits back to the community. These Civvies shirts come in a variety of colors and in men’s and women’s cuts.

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Buy the Freedom Tee for $30.00 or the Pledge Tank for $30.00.

19Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with QALO Rings

Valentine’s Day Guide-cc

You probably exchanged fancy rings with your spouse when you said I do, but let’s be honest, the military lifestyle is not always the best for flaunting nice jewelry. Besides getting scuffed or dinged, some precious metals are downright unsafe to wear by those in certain professions because they are unable to be safely cut off the finger in emergency situations. Enter QALO, a line of silicone rings that show your commitment when you can’t wear your traditional ring.

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

QALO offers a huge range of color and size options, along with personalization to add important names and dates to the inside or outside of your rings. In addition to men’s rings, they also offer women’s rings, dog tags, and teething necklaces!

Buy the Men’s Thin Blue Line Silicone Ring for $24.95.

20Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Nomader


For travel lovers and active-lifestyle enthusiasts, the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. The Nomader is a stylish, portable, BPA-free, silicone water bottle, that can roll-up or pack flat to save on space. It comes in a variety of colors, features a secure leakproof cap to prevent annoying spills, and a wide mouth to make it easy to clean. The best part is that it’s backed up with a lifetime warranty!

Buy the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle for $24.95.

21Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with COMRAD Compression Socks

Kristi’s V-day Guide Entries

Let’s get literal for a minutenot every Valentine’s Day gift needs to be for your heart in the emotional sense. Maybe the best gift is for your actual, blood-pumping heart poems and chocolate aren’t going to keep that thing healthy (we don’t think, anyway…not sure what medical professionals are saying about the connection between chocolate and heart health this week). Compression socks are all the rage right now for runners and anyone who sits or stands for long stretches throughout the day. Give COMRAD Compression Socks to your love (obviously buying a pair for yourself too), and you’ll both be ready to hop on a long flight to a romantic destination or kick your feet up for a Netflix rom-com binge.

Buy COMRAD Compression Socks for $21.00.

22Valentine’s Gifts for Military Guys and Girls with Panic Aide

Fezqrg L

One in four people experience panic attacks that strike without warning and leave a person feeling vulnerable and helpless. Whether it’s a crushing day at work or a panic episode triggered by events, there’s now something you can do about it. Panic Aide is a proprietary blend of all natural, vegan ingredients designed to stop a panic attack and return you back to normal within 15 minutes.

23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love

Buy Panic Aide for $5.99.

Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here. You want your partner to feel special with a gift that shows how much you care and how much you just get them. Get them something special, and let them know they deserve it.

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23 Valentine’s Day Gifts Military Guys And Girls Will Love



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