Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and its just about the time of year when your partner might start asking you what you want for Mother’s Day. Or they will subtly try to find the perfect gift for you. Daily Mom Military has found some Mother’s Day gifts we think you will love, so go ahead and share this to your Facebook page and tag them so they get the hint.

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Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” more than, “you don’t have to cook tonight!” That’s the gift of Healthy Meals Supreme. They deliver delicious, healthy, and ready-to-eat meals, straight to your door. The ultimate time-saver, this is the answer to that ubiquitous question, “what are we having for dinner?” The chef prepared meals are flavorful, well-portioned, and only require you to heat them up before mealtime. This service is the ultimate mom-pampering treat!

Healthy Meal Plan
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Give her the gift of comfort & style this year with Rothy’s. Whether she is a travel enthusiast, a photographer, a mom trying to keep up with little ones, or a professional she will appreciate the all-day comfort and support these amazing and adorable shoes provide. Choose a classic simple neutral or make her smile with one of their pretty spring colors or bold prints. Don’t be afraid of light colors because Rothy’s are totally machine washable which means they will look brand new for years no matter where she takes the. If mom appreciates earth-conscious products, you’re sure to get bonus points here. She’ll really love that Rothy’s are made from single-use plastic that would have otherwise gone to a landfill.

Persimmon Heel Stripe Flat
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Mother's Day 2019

The Infantino Sit, Spin & Stand Entertainer will give your child hours of play, which is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for those mamas that just need a little time to relax. It has a great spin seat that allows the baby to swivel freely, and it can adjust to your child’s height with the easy adjustable notches. It comes with light up toys that also play music and click! If baby starts to get a little antsy sitting down, you can convert it into a standing entertainment table. You can easily detach the toys so your little one can enjoy even more time playing. Once your child is all done playing, mama won’t have a hard time cleaning up after the little one. The Infantino’s legs fold up, all the toys can be stored within the seat, and covered with a top! How neat huh?

Mother's Day Daily Mom Military

Infantino Sit, Spin & Stand Entertainer 360 Seat & Activity Table
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Carrying your child is just a part of the job description as a parent, but a bad back shouldn’t have to be an occupational hazard. TushBaby is changing the way parents hold their babies with this innovative hipseat.

Lined with memory foam, this ergonomic seat offers comfort for both parent and baby by protecting the child’s hip health, and evenly distributing the weight of the baby to ensure the parent’s posture isn’t suffering.


The large storage areas are changing the game, too, with space for diapers, wipes, & changing essentials with side pockets for keys, phone & wallet. The seat is perfect for children up to 44lbs and recommended for those ages 0 to 36 months.


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A military spouse-owned company, Westhouse specializes in apparel, jewelry, and decor made specifically with the military lifestyle in mind. For this Mother’s Day, point your family in the direction of their line of jewelry. The “Nevertheless She Persisted” stamped cuff bracelet shows the strength of both a military spouse and mom- we are strong despite all the ups-and-downs that military life can bring.

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The leather “Enough” bracelet reminds moms that they are enough. They are strong, beautiful, and wonderfully amazing. They are more than enough for their family. It also can be a reminder to let things go- enough is enough and sometimes you just have to take a breath and walk away.

“Nevertheless She Persisted” Bracelet | “Enough” Bracelet
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pour party

This exciting social art concept allows you to be part of the process. Choose from a selection of stunning palettes (or pick your own), set an intention or meaning, then watch Live as your poured painting comes to life. After it’s been dried and sealed, your one-of-a-kind artwork is ready to hang in your home, with the sentiments behind the paint always before you. A poured painting can celebrate a birth, memorialize a loved one, or simply offer a daily reminder to do better. Catch the artist in action every Thursday night on Facebook Live to engage with other partiers and watch the paint flow.

Pour Party | Peace Flow
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Jewelry is always a classic gift for Mother’s Day, and this year doesn’t have to be the exception. This Mama XO necklace from Isabelle Grace is hand-stamped and comes in both gold and silver to match her personal style. The sweet necklace shows the mom in your life how much she means to you and to the kids. Every time she puts it on she will be able to hear her children’s own little voices calling her “mama” even if they are years passed calling her that now.

Mama XO Necklace
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aventura clothing carrie wrap

Aventura Clothing shows us that a beautiful cardigan sweater can do more than keep you warm. Committed to offering clothing with a conscience, this family owned and operated company is focussed creating pieces that benefit the wearer and maker both. This lightweight, sustainably sourced Carrie Wrap is an example of one of the many Aventura pieces crafted in Fair Trade factories. Its versatility in design and function make it a must-have for all seasons, including summer vacay! If you’re not packing one of these in your carry-on, you are missing out.

Aventura Carrie Wrap
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alc wireless

Military life is unpredictable. With moves into different houses every 1-3 years, security and comfort go hand and hand. A wireless camera that does not require hard mounting provides that. Using your own router, you can view the camera from anywhere. The SD card in the camera downloads all the images, making it hack-proof. Want to keep an eye on the kids? Use the app to talk through the camera to them. This little camera makes life more comfortable, wherever you are.

Indoor Panoramic Wi-Fi Camera
ALC Wireless

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All of the stunning handmade bracelets from CharlieMadison Originals are created to beautify, inspire, and remind the wearer what they cherish most. Made with natural gemstones like jasper and ruby quartz, each one is imbued with unique qualities of these precious stones combined. In the Be Present bracelet, you will find stones that awaken your passion, ground you, and bring you happiness. Sounds like a PCS must-have to us! These are bracelets on a mission. A portion of your purchase goes to organizations that support military members and their families.

Be Present Bracelet Ruby
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the love bank

Mothers are often busy running the behind the scenes. Cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, refilling the snacks, vacuuming the cheerios under the couch. There isn’t a thank you for every task. There is a way to say thank you and leave that note for your mom though! Fill up the love bank for the mother in your life with the Love Bank. The heart-shaped bank comes in small and large sizes andallows for notes to be deposited. With a clear view, all can see the appreciative words filling the bank. When the bank is full, or mom just needs to read some heart-warming appreciation, the bank is opened and the words read. Think of it a depositing appreciation and love. This is perfect for any mother, especially one who has a love language is words of affirmation.

Love Bank
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Sometimes socks say it best. These “if you can read this bring me a glass of wine” socks are comfy, cute, and useful. The wool/cashmere blend is perfect for those cool evenings where you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy your glass of wine. Available in several colors you should grab a pair for you and your close friends. Cheers!

“If You Can Read This” Socks
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Prepara Taco Holders

Tacos are not just for Tuesdays, and with these fun and festive taco holders from Prepara, you will want to eat them every day of the week! Not only are these taco holders great looking, but functional too. Stick your taco shells into the concave spaces and add the fillings of your choice. They will stay put until you’re ready to dive in, which means less mess. The taco holders come in a range of colors and sizes, making them perfect for entertaining guests!

Prepara Multi Taco Holder, Red
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This Mother’s Day, let your family know what you *actually* want (you know, besides sleep and lots of delicious coffee). This list of Mother’s Day gifts should help them pick the perfect gift for you, or help you find something for yourself if our spouse is deployed!

Check out some other gifts that are perfect for expecting moms thisMother’s Day

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