The dad (or dads) in your life is the one for whom the whoopie cushion never, ever gets old. He’s the one who proudly wears his “Uncle Eddy” costume pretty much every day of the year just to get a laugh, and he’s the one who offers you the stick of gum that tastes like hot chili peppers just to watch your face turn red. Or you’re buying for the dad who likes to jump out from behind the door and scare the bejeebies out of you and laughs even more if he gets a little pee from you. (Let’s be honest, if you’ve had babies, he probably does.) Sounds like you’re looking for funny Father’s Day gifts and you’re in luck!

We’ve found gifts that will tickle his funny bone (among other things) and show your thoughtful consideration for his sense of humor. Plus you’ll get a good laugh too!

pals socks t rex triceratops matchy matchy dinosaurs stock

PALS Socks are a sweet gift for the fathers in your life. “Even if we don’t match, let’s be friends” is the tag line of PALS Socks. The socks feature two different images like a Tyrannosaurus Rex  and a Triceratops. These hilarious images are a match as a reminder that while different, they can still belong. Upgrade to matching Daddy and me socks as a way to stay connected even when separated by distance. The socks can be worn by child and father, providing continued connection and comfort even when one is half way around the world.

Matching Parent-Kids Socks
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glow battle.100

Looking for something fun and interactive for everyone? Do something different and let the kids challenge dad to a glow in the dark battle from Starlux Games. The Glow Battle kit comes with reusable battery operated glow swords, bracelets, and recharge stations, and multiple game suggestions. The games can be played inside the whole house, outside in the yard, or out camping in the forest and can be adjusted for the age of the players. It’s everything you need to conquer boredom and create fantastic memories for the whole family.

Funny Father's Day Gifts

Starlux Games Glow Battle
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Dad’s love to show off their awesomeness while wearing a comfy t-shirt, and this Dad Vibes shirt is a great way to do this. The subtle design makes it a shirt he can wear almost anywhere, and it’s that comfortable that he will. With four color options – white, indigo, olive, and black – you could grab one for each of the dad’s in your life. The ringspun cotton and polyester blend is fitted at the bicep – yes, please show off those guns – and is the perfect shirt for Father’s Day.

Dad Vibes T-Shirt
KLS Designs | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

fathers day 18

Finding a good smelling, quality soap made from natural ingredients can be a challenge. Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap fits the bill. Pine tar deodorizes and moisturizes and makes certain that “deep clean” feeling lasts long into the day. The line boasts natural ingredients – like tea tree oil – that aren’t tested on animals, and components that are recyclable. Don’t just grab a bar of soap, get Dad the bundle, complete with shampoo and conditioner.

Funny Father's Day Gifts

Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap
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Do you have a difficult dad to shop for? One that has everything, needs nothing, and gives you no ideas whatsoever? Want the ultimate gift of all funny Father’s Day Gifts? Ballsy has just the gift. Their Sack Pack includes three of their most popular products: Ballwash, Sack Spray, and Nut Rub Solid Cologne. We’ll pause while you catch your breath from giggling like a school girl. Sure, there are some great benefits to these products, like helping to neutralize odor. But the comical presentation is what makes this pack a great gift. Choose from three scents of nut rub: Cedar & Citrus, Ocean & Air, and Smoke & Suede.

The Sack Pack
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When it comes to the father’s day presents for the golfer dad, the options are almost endless. But when you want to make sure dad has time to share his love of golf with the family, this disc golf set from Kestrel Outdoors is perfect. There are two sets available, a beginner set for kids and an advanced set, which also comes with a shoulder bag that can hold up to 12 discs. These discs are approved by the PDGA and are made with flexible plastic, to help them go farther. Gather the family and start playing disc golf with this great father’s day gift.

Disc Golf
Kestrel Outdoors | Facebook

bottle keeper. marisa mcdonald photogrpahy

Does Dad appreciate a cold beer? Well then he will certainly appreciate the wisdom behind BottleKeeper: “Colder Beer is Better. Its Science.” These insulated stainless steel containers safely hold Dad’s beer and keep it super cold and carbonated the whole time. BottleKeeper even features a built in bottle opener. Pair this with a six pack of his favorite IPA and you’ll be sure to be his favorite this year!

BottleKeeper American Flags
BottleKeeper | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Shopping for a dad who thinks funny Father’s Day gifts are the best thing since sliced bread is so much fun for you too, and we know these gifts are sure to be hits. Better, they won’t even make fart noises when you use any of them. But we can’t promise Dad won’t improvise and add his own!

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funny fathers day gifts


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