Our Top Picks for The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Top Gifts for Father's Day Daily Mom Military

Dads are special to us. That’s why we want to be able to give them the most special gifts possible this Father’s Day. These 11 gifts are our top picks for the ultimate Father’s Day gift for the dad in your life to whom you just want to say, “Hey, I appreciate all you do and you’re pretty awesome.”

Our Top Picks for Father’s Day

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The military dads in our lives are usually pretty picky about their footwear, which is one of the reasons we love Helm boots. These boots – named for two brothers and good friends of the designer – were created to resemble the American-made work boots yet they transition easily from office to a night out on the town. These boots are classic and can be paired with anything. They are resoleable and hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Helm Boots
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The BRAND NEW to the Market, Halo Sport 2 Neuroscience Headphones are an athletes new gym buddy! These amazing technical wonders are used as a high-performance endurance coach in your ears! Halo Sport 2 users experience an accelerated rate of progress. By using quality repetition as a trainer you meet your fitness goals much faster and with better form.

With wireless Bluetooth, updated primers to make neuropriming as easy as possible and a new Halo Sport app to help track and achieve fitness goals, the Halo Sport 2 is sure to be the “everyone wants it” technology this year. The Halo Sport 2 even comes apart so you can wash the sweat away from your gear as well! Your performance enhancement options just got so much better. Pre-order now for June market release at $349.

Halo Sport 2
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For an adventurous dad, you will blow him away with this amazing gift. Solo Stove is an ultra-efficient wood-burning fire pit perfect for the backyard or your next adventure. Solo Stove is super lightweight, which makes it the perfect fire pit for anywhere Dad wants to go. Best of all it helps you create a totally smokeless but powerful fire. Breathe easy while you enjoy those s’mores with Solo Stove!

Solo Stove
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From PCS to deployment to everything in between, military life is stressful. If you’re battling through the day only to lie awake at night unable to sleep and fully recharge, its time to try something new. Reduce your anxiety, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep through the night with Rocabi’s Luxury Weighted Blanket.

Weighted blankets are scientifically proven to lower anxiety and help people sleep. This Luxury Weighted Blanket comes with an incredibly soft removable cover for easy cleaning and corner ties to prevent the blanket from bunching up inside. Filled with non-toxic beads and even weight distribution, it feels like a comforting full body hug. Just pick a weight that is approximately 10% of your body weight and say goodbye to sleepless nights without the help of pharmaceuticals.

Rocabi Luxury Weighted Blanket
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The needs placed on our shoes are never-ending. Skypro’s answer to this demand are shoes made with a level of performance trusted by airline professionals worldwide. Skypro shoes were originally designed to take on the uniform, safety, and comfort requirements of footwear for those who work in commercial flight, but now everyone can enjoy what they have created. Their high-quality non-toxic leather design is super-comfortable, but will also stand up to daily wear with ease. We also love that they are anti-slip and won’t sound any metal detectors, which make them an excellent choice for those who travel. Wear these timeless looking shoes for any occasion, work or play.

Emi Fox Shoes
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There’s nothing better than to be able to truly enjoy the crisp taste of fresh clean water. The Berkey Water Filter is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the health and environmentally conscious Father, and is also coveted by the cook in the home who want to use the purest of water. He will enjoy the refreshing taste of cool clean water after a long day at work, or after a great workout.

Berkey Water Filter
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Want to gift Dad something useful and eco-friendly? Ecōths’ clothing combines everything Dad needs to love these clothes. Eco-friendly, Fair Trade, and useful. Pair up the Griffith Hybrid Shorts with a Maverick Shirt and you’ve got the perfect everyday outfit. The shorts have a zippered pocket to keep his cellphone safe and are stretchy enough for hiking while still looking nice enough for dinner out. The Maverick Shirt is made of 50% recycled materials and has the signature Handy Cloth – a microfiber cloth perfect for cleaning sunglasses or cell phones, built right into the bottom front of the shirt. Dad will rock these clothes in his favorite activity.

Top Gifts for Father's Day Daily Mom Military

Maverick Shirt | Griffith Hybrid Shorts
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Sometimes the packaging can be as fun as the gift. These Man Crates are just that. Each one comes in a sturdy, wooden box complete with a crowbar. Watching Dad open the gift is only the beginning of the fun. The Grill Master Man Crate comes with those “fun” grilling tools Dad has been waiting for. Brass knuckle meat tenderizer and a set of four steak thermometers make cooking the perfect steak easy. Level up their grilling game with the dried hickory wood chips and a cast iron smoker box. And, top off those perfectly cooked steaks with a spice blend or bbq sauce. Trust us, Dad will want to cook his own steak dinner after opening this Man Crate.

Top Gifts for Father's Day Daily Mom Military

Man Crates Grill Crate
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Just as women struggle with what to wear in the gym, men are looking for the right fit on their active wear. Lifestyle brand, ZYIA Active embraces activity and pairs it with quality, great fitting clothes. One great thing about ZYIA clothing is the copper yarn woven into the fabric to block odors. No more sweaty gym clothes! Some of the other things the brand focuses on in their clothing line are moisture and temperature control, muscle support, and breathability.

ZYIA Active
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Does dad love comfortable stylish organization? He’ll be thrilled with an Acme Made bag for Father’s Day this year. Acme Made offers everything from backpacks to messenger totes to laptop sleeves that are both functional and beautiful. Inspired by the picturesque city of San Francisco these bags will be the perfect compliment for a contemporary dad’s lifestyle.

Divisadero Attache
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While boots may not be the first thing you think of for a father’s day gift, these Dunlop Boots with Purofort technology are the perfect boot. They have so many qualities, its kind of hard to believe. These boots are insulated, keeping dad’s feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The same boot does both! They are also resistant to oils and other chemicals, are anti-slip, and shock absorbent. They are as rugged as dad needs them to be, keeping him safe no matter what life throws his way.

Dunlop Boots
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If you have a coffee lover in your life, the Angel’s Cup Black Box monthly subscription box is the best idea ever. Each month, your coffee lover will receive four 2.75 ounce samples (read 5 cups of coffee per sample) to try. The coffee is labeled only with a number, to make for an accurate blind taste test. Coffee drinkers can use the app to rate the coffee and then discover which kind they liked best. Choose your desired grind – or get whole beans – and try all 208 varieties currently available. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll share a cup with you.

Angel’s Cup
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While dad may tote the bright pink roller duffel on family vacations with a style, he’s not going to willingly take that one to guys’ weekend or on a work trip. This Dart Duffel from 5.11 however, will be his duffel of choice for all future trips. Available in four colors, the duffel is built for one of those strategic packers – you know the ones who do a full layout before packing the bag.

The interior web/MOLLE panel, dual entry zippered mesh pockets, and loop strips and the removable storage cube provides more than enough room for everything. Plus the two pockets on the lid make for easy access to important things. This duffel is exactly what dad needs to bring all his things on his next trip, with some added room to bring gifts home.

Dart Duffel
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Even though our dads probably say they want “nothing” for Father’s Day we know that isn’t true. They work hard, sacrificing time and energy to provide and help the family. They deserve something super special this Father’s Day. Many of these items can be shipped overseas, too, so if they are deployed you can still get them something for the special day- or keep it on hand until they get home!

Top Gifts for Father's Day Daily Mom Military


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