Dad’s are all about the latest gadget and the newest tools. They love to be the first to have the latest doo-dad and dinglehopper. And we love when those items combine function and fashion – because who wants a super awesome watch that he can’t wear on date night? Here are some of the latest and greatest tech gifts destined to put you on the favorite list this father’s day.

spi belt 1

If the dad in your life enjoys a good sweat session, workout gear is always a great gift choice! With the SPI Belt, he can tuck all of his necessary gear inside and be hands-free for his run or weight lifting session. The belt is made with a super soft band to prevent chafing, and the fabric pouch expands to fit everything from credit cards, keys, headphones, and even his phone!

While the bounce-free design makes it perfect for a workout, the SPI Belt can also be used for travel when he needs to keep his important items close. Choose from a range of sizes, colors, and functions to tailor to dad’s needs.

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SPI Belt
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Dad’s who golf often have a very specific wish list for any holiday shopping. But sometimes, a club is just out of the budget. But the Exact Golf Tool Maxi and Mini Combo is a great way to treat dad to something he’ll need in his golf bag. This combination includes the Maxi 5-in-1 Tool and the Mini 3-in-1 Tool. Both tools have a divot repair tool, a ball marker, and a groove cleaner. The Maxi also functions as a cigar and club grip holder. Both stainless-steel tools come in a gorgeous leather pouch that clips easily to a belt.

Maxi and Mini Combo
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sous vide chris moncus photographylight 0010 large

The Sous Vide Precision Cooker from Gramercy Kitchen Company is revolutionizing the results you are able to achieve in the kitchen. By using a water bath as the perfect medium to cook tender, buttery foods; Gramercy Kitchen is making gourmet cooking easier! The Sous Vide Immersion Circulator doesn’t use any apps, WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other funky technology that could go wrong. It’s simple, beautifully displayed buttons and presets allow you to cook the perfect steak while you are away from home.

There is no food that cannot be cooked to perfection with the Sous Vide, you can even make Crème Brûlée! A plethora of recipes, tips, and pointers can be found on the Gramercy Kitchen Company website. Give the gift of Gourmet Cooking this Father’s Day with Sous Vide!

Gramercy Kitchen Company: Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
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armitron watch 2 shaynamabee

For Father’s Day, what could a gentleman want more than a sharp-looking, high-function timepiece to bring along on all his adventures? This Analog Watch from Armitron’s Adventure Series is ideal for field use with its Visible247TM technology, allowing the face to glow up to four hours after sundown. The over 300 ft. water resistance means that you can take it into the soggiest conditions without fear! Even with all of its rugged capabilities, this Armitron pairs nicely with the most interview-ready suit and tie. The classic analog design means that your watch will tell you what you want it to; the time. No obnoxious notifications blowing up your wrist here.

Adventure Analog Watch
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Today’s fathers utilize computers and smart devices at the workplace and at home. Continual exposure to the blue light emitted by these devices. Protect Dad’s eyes with Bluelight glasses. The Texas-based small business, Swanick, offers bluelight glasses for both day and night. The lenses of the glasses have anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings to allow for ease of reading and protection of the eyes from blue light. An added bonus is that the plastics used are environmentally friendly. Dad will look stylish, and the unisex design means that mom can “borrow” them as well!

Classic Day Swannies
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mistpro 3.100

Whether at the park, battling the crowds on vacation, or out on the golf course, a little relief from the heat goes a long way. MistyMate’s MistPro 3 is a portable misting device that not only sprays an ultra-fine mist onto your skin, but it actually cools the air around you as well. It pressurizes using a built-in pump and releases a continuous spray of mist on command. No more pumping spray bottles and waiting for it to evaporate. The heavy-duty MistPro 3 is solidly built and worth every penny!

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MistPro 3 Personal Mister
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Whether Dad is enjoying adventures in the great outdoors or just out and about town, the Nomader Collapsible bottle is the perfect companion. It comes in a variety of colors allowing for Dad’s water bottle to be easily identified. The leak-proof cap prevents spillage of water while traveling. The silicone water bottle can roll up and pack flat when packing for camping or travel and the wide mouth of the cap allows for easy cleaning. Each bottle is backed with a lifetime warranty to make sure you can always keep hydration ready for travel.  

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle
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packlite charger.101

As technology evolves our gear list seems to expand with it. LuminAID’s Packlite Charger is a 3-in-one device that solves so many modern problems. Its a lightweight inflatable solar powered light with a USB connection to charge your devices. Fixing a tire on the side of the road at night? Turn the light on full power to mark your location. Going hiking and don’t want to carry a ton of equipment, this is your light, your charger, and your emergency beacon all in one. One full charge of the Packlite Charger will last several hours with the light on or up to two years in storage making it the perfect camping or emergency device. In an emergency, turn the light on to flash or charge your phone to call for help.

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LuminAID Packlite Charger
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The Palm Mobile Device is the newest cellular capable device on the market. With ALL of the perks of using a standard cellphone (apps, face recognition, calling, etc) but compact and perfect for that person that wants technology at their fingertips, but doesn’t want to be all consumed by it.

Palm is approximately the size of a credit card, therefore, it fits perfectly in your wallet, favorite workout legging pockets, in your Palm. In my opinion, the best feature is the new “Life Mode” setting. You can click “Life Mode” and the device will be silenced of all notifications, calls and updates until you turn it off. Who doesn’t need a “life mode” button every now and then?!?! This product is now carried at Verizon stores in the United States for $349. Add the option to opt out or in on technology when you want to with the Palm Mobile Device.

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Be kind and rewind phrasing is all but phased out. Save those videos and their memories before they are lost. Conversion kits allow the transfer for VHS, VHS-C, phonographs (yes, phonographs), and analog forms of video into digital formats preserving family memories for all. Vidbox conversion kits include an A/V converters, cables, and software. Software formatted for both Mac and Windows, or both. Converting those old videos can be both a gift for the father in your life, for yourself, and for younger generations.

Vidbox Video-Audio Conversion Kit
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amok whiteblack
amok whiteblack

The athletic and outdoorsy dad in your life simply must have appropriate sunglasses. These Amok Sunglasses have every bit of technology to make him faster while keeping him cool. Scratch-resistant and shatterproof lenses, side vents to increase airflow and prevent fogging, UV protection, and glare guards are just a few of the specs on these high-tech sunglasses. Interchangeable red, clear, and smoke colored lenses are also included. Grab a pair for the dad in your life and be prepared to hear about how awesome at gift-giving you are.

Amok Sunglasses
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Tech Gifts Father's Day

If you’ve got a tech-savvy dad to buy for, consider a one-of-a-kind laptop cover. The covers are available in four colors and you can upload your own design. We love that this can be as unique as dad is! The Kickstarter-funded small business is based in Portland, Oregon where they make all of their products on site. The company is devoted to making life better by responsibly selecting the products they use. They also have phone covers and Alexa wood covers!

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Custom Wood Laptop Cover
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Next Horizon Eyewear was inspired by a passion for architectural design and the features of the natural world. These glasses come in several design options and include three interchangeable lenses, including grey polarized or non-polarized, rose, and clear tints. All lenses provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays and contain anti-scratch and anti-reflection coating. Give dad the gift of style and sun protection before your next big adventure together!

new horizon eyewear . marisa mcdonald photogrpahy

Wave Lenses
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fishbrain dolan

They say to teach a man to fish is to feed him for a lifetime… but what if you could equip him to fish smarter? Enter Fishbrain, an app that reveals top fishing spots in your geographical area, uploads live catches from fellow anglers in real time, shows detailed depth contours and helps you plan the best time to fish with the smartest fishing forecast out there.

The fisherman’s version of Instagram, Dad can log his catches, share photos, record data, and buy gear all from the one-stop-shop app. With the purchase of Fishbrain Premium, the dad in your life will have access to Fishbrain BiteTime, an advanced fishing forecast, as well as the integrated C-MAP Genesis Social Map which provides crowdsourced depth contour data, and shows users densely populated fishing areas that can’t be found on other maps. Fishbrain is available to download for free on the app store and Google play, with premium features starting at $5.99.

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When it comes to cool gifts, barware almost always makes this list. The Firelight Flask takes portable barware to a whole other level. This 750ml flask – you know, enough to fit a fifth of your favorite liquor or a whole bottle of wine – comes with two 11 oz tumblers. The trio is made of polished, BPA & Phthalate Free, stainless steel. The tumblers securely attach to the flask with a magnetic locking system. And, the silicone leak-proof plug cap seals the deal (see what we did there?). Dad will enjoy a drip-free pour from the insulated 24-hour temperature control flask. Maybe he’ll share with you?

Firelight Flask
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For the dad who appreciates a sleek modern look and also cares about security, the Ridge Wallet will be a winner this Father’s Day. These wallets are RFID-blocking to keep all of Dad’s cards and information safe and secure. Combine that with the slim and sleek design and the Ridge Wallet is hard to beat for the ultimate Father’s Day gift. If dad cares about more than good looks, he’ll also be impressed with the durability of the Ridge Wallet design and their lifetime warranty to back it up.

ridge wallet 2

Ridge Wallets
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You will blow dad’s mind this Father’s Day with the tiny but powerful Nanopresso by Wacaco. This amazing little device brews a coffeehouse-worthy espresso with just a little bit of manpower. Perfect for home, work, or travel, dad will be perfectly caffeinated no matter where he goes with this amazing innovation. The Nanopresso boasts 18 bars of pressure and produces gorgeous crema on every cup.

Wacaco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

For the family members buying gifts for all those tech-savvy dads out there, this list is sure to help make things easier. Just remember, these can still be sentimental and meaningful, even when they are greeted with, “So cool!” upon opening.

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