Being a military spouse who is alone for the holidays is hard, but add in the fact that it’s the day of love? Unbearable. Luckily, you and your military spouse girlfriends can plan the ultimate Galentine’s Day with these treats, games, and products that will make you all smile, laugh, and — if even for just a moment — forget that your love is far away.

1Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Guardian Band

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Being by yourself on Valentine’s Day isn’t just hard; it can be scary. If your service member is deployed this year, you want to do everything you can to keep yourself safe when they aren’t around. The G|B Defender from Guardian Band helps to do just that. Not only is this smartwatch voice-call and video-call enabled and a fitness tracker, it also has unique features that will make you feel safe even when you are alone. With one touch of the SOS button, there is immediate video and voice recording, and GPS coordinates are sent to your personal cloud account. It even has its own SIM card and phone number, so you don’t need your phone nearby to operate it. It is the ultimate gift for Galentine’s Day that keeps giving throughout any deployment or extended training!

Pre-order the G|B Defender for $175.

2Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Magnolia and Vine

Magnolia And Vine Versa Wrap

This beautiful, sturdy bag is sure to be a hit everywhere you go! With numerous options in exterior magnetic accents, you can change the look of your bag for every season, holiday, occasion, or just because! The Winged Tote pairs perfectly with the Versa Collection of wrap-around magnetic accents. The Winged Tote has plenty of pockets, and it is so functional that you almost forget how great it looks. It can also be carried as a stylish handbag or with casual over-the-shoulder practicality. Bring this perfect bag along on all your Galentine’s Day plans with your fellow military spouses!

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

Buy the Winged Tote for $69.99, and choose your Versa Wrap Accent for $49.99.

3Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with ALC Wireless Security Camera

Awf Qtrview Fixed

Military life often lands us alone in a new home on the other side of the world having to adjust to our new surroundings. This Valentine’s Day, give a little peace of mind with an ALC Sight HD Wireless Security Camera. The incredible list of features on this little camera makes it perfect for people who want control of their system directly from their mobile device or tablet without sacrificing on video quality. Here are just a few of the key features:

  • Full HD-quality video
  • Remote pan and tilt from your smartphone or tablet
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection to start recording
  • Motion masking which allows you to ignore areas of your choice (such as tree branches)
  • Micro SD card for video storage
  • Ability to upload videos to a Google Drive or Dropbox account
  • Infrared filters and IR LED lights for optimal day and night vision
  • Email alerts and push notifications when the camera records an event

Whether your spouse in on deployment or you just want to know who’s at the front door, the Sight HD security camera is the solution.

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

Buy the ALC Wireless HD Security Camera for $114.

4Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Instant Pot’s Ace Blender

Kristi’s V-day Guide Entries

Stop — you had us at Instant Pot, no need to sell us on this product. The same glorious company who put the pressure on us to admit we actually do have time to cook on busy weeknights launched the Ace Blender last year. Its diverse functionality makes it the perfect companion for a valentine flying solo this February 14th (and its awesomeness continues long after the 14th). This one machine can make (yes, that’s right — it cooks and purees while you do nothing) a healthy fruit smoothie for breakfast, a hearty soup for Valentine’s Day dinner, and it can blend some margaritas so your tribe doesn’t have to BYOB to Galentine’s at your place. The Ace Blender is built solid — do your worst movers, and with all its functions, it trumps the appliances in your cabinet that can only do one job.

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

 Buy the Instant Pot Ace Blender for $99.

5Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Lulu Dharma Violet Fringed Scarf

Lulu Darma Scarf E

The woman who wears this stunning ethereal fringed scarf from Lulu Dharma is a picture of feminine sophistication. She can toss it on to complete an effortlessly put-together look. It is a classic, yet updated-looking piece that will take you through all seasons as the ultimate transitional accessory. Not to mention, its modal construction gives it superior softness. Bring this multi-tasking beauty on vacation to protect against frigid plane AC and use it as a sarong on the beach!

Buy the Lulu Dharma Violet Fringed Scarf for $58.

6Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with One Tough Bitch

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

If you could only use one word to describe military spouses it would be tough. Every day we are holding down the home front, repelling deployment Murphy with our military spouse powers, and handling life like the bosses we are. When a military spouse needs a little reminder of just how tough she is (in the face of all the changing of all the plans), put this little bit of bling from One Tough Bitch on her wrist. The dual-sided bracelet has the OTB symbol on one side with the words, “She Knew She Could,” on the other side. The “She Knew She Could” racerback tee solidifies what you already know — that she can do anything.

Buy the OTB dual-sided bracelet for $19.99 and the “She Knew She Could” tee for $24.95.

7Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day with Tipsy Scoop

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

When you’re all alone for Valentine’s Day, nothing makes you feel better like some ice cream. And liquor — but what if you mix the two together? That, dear milspouses, is Tipsy Scoop — liquor-infused ice cream that makes all of your dreams come true. This Galentine’s Day, get your best friends together and enjoy the Booze x Love Valentine’s Pack which includes:

  • Cake Batter Vodka Martini — Ice cream infused with cake-flavored vodka, amaretto, and white chocolate liqueur
  • Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet — Sorbet made with fresh raspberries and infused with limoncello (non-dairy and vegan)
  • Strawberry Chocolate Kisses Martini — Strawberry ice cream infused with vodka and mixed with chocolate chips
  • Red Velvet Martini — Red velvet ice cream infused with vodka and chocolate liqueur

Nationwide shipping for the Booze x Love Ice Cream Pack from Tipsy Scoop is available at for $100.

Use the code GetTipsy1 for 10% off your first order!

8Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Chardonnay Go

Kristi’s V-day Guide Entries

Let’s be clear, celebrating Valentine’s Day without your valentine does not mean you’re singing All By Myself as your salty tears fall into your extra-large glass of pinot. You’re a kick-ass, resilient military spouse, so you’re planning a fun Galentine’s Day with your crew and you need a game that combines your need for vino and laughs. We found Chardonnay Go, and read the box: “The board game for wine lovers, moms, and other shameless people.” Check, check, and check it’s like you’re peering into our souls, Chardonnay GoYou’ll be rolling the dice and ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing) as you move your wine barrel around the game board over “sip” spaces, extra sips because you’re the prettiest girl at the table (duh), and challenge cards.

Buy Chardonnay Go for $34.99.

9Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Coco + Carmen

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Is your active-duty service member deployed this Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret because we know what it’s like to be all alone on the day of love. This “Vodka is My Valentine” tee from Coco + Carmen gets it too. Valentine’s Day without your valentine can be hard, but vodka seems to help just a little bit. So even if you can’t be with the one you love, be with the one that makes you feel a bit warmer and mixes well with orange juice: vodka.

Buy the “Vodka is My Valentine” tee from Coco + Carmen for $30.

10Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Spice Madam

Olea Mediterranean Kitchen

Looking for a little culinary adventure, but overwhelmed by the options or strange spices you’re not quite sure where to find? The Spice Madam subscription box is just what you need. With recipes and three to four packets of spices from various destinations around the globe, it’ll be like you’re preparing and eating a worldly progressive dinner in the comfort of your own home.

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

Start your monthly Spice Madam subscription for as little as $20. 

11Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Healthy Meals Supreme

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day alone due to deployment, work schedule, or training, avoid the temptation to buy a bagged salad, or eating leftover chicken nuggets from the kids’ plates. Healthy Meals Supreme has a selection of healthy meals that are culinary­-inspired and prepared before delivery. Pick meals the Friday before the desired delivery date, and meals are at the doorstep as requested. After a quick warmup, your healthy meal is done. With options like fitness, diet, or healthy in addition to kidney-, heart-, and diabetes-specific meals, this is not your typical military-issued meal. It’s all the deliciousness you and your galentines deserve and no one has to get stuck washing all…those…pots and pans.

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever
16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

Buy Healthy Meals Supreme Meal Plans (price varies based on selection).

12Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Simplicity Teas

F E Fb C F C Fb

A cup of tea has the power to fill your soul, bring peace, or inspire creativity. If you need more of this in your life, then you need a monthly subscription to Simplicity Teas. Every month, you’ll receive a variety of organic, artisan, loose-leaf teas to try in the comfort of your own home. Each box has enough tea to share with your best gal pals or enough to enjoy on your own for many moments of peace.

Buy your monthly Simplicity Teas subscription starting $9 or opt for a one-time gift. 

13Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with TasteMaker

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

Get some sweet cocktails going with this cocktail set from TasteMaker. This cocktail creation set comes with 4 molds for ice balls, cocktail recipes, and a infuser bottle to make the most perfect cocktails ever. Enjoy your time with your girls (or by yourself, we don’t judge when it comes to spending V-Day without your service member) with this super cool craft cocktail maker.

Buy the TasteMaker cocktail infuser set here for $25

14Things You Need for the Best Galentine’s Day Ever with Lion Latch

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

To say military moms live an active lifestyle would be an understatement. Some days you hit the gym right after that important luncheon and you aren’t sure what to do with your jewelry. The Lion Latch jewelry tote is the perfect solution because connects to your gym bag, keys, or purse. The container will not come unscrewed on its own, so your rings are safe! It’s the perfect gift for any military spouse or busy mom.

Buy the Lion Latch Jewelry Tote for $9.95.

15Valentine’s Day Gifts for When You’re Alone with ACouplePuns Greeting Cards

16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

For those of us whose first language is sarcasm and dad jokes, getting into the mushy love stuff isn’t always easy. That doesn’t mean we don’t like to tell the people who mean the most to us exactly how phenomenal they are. Saying “I love you” is a little easier when it’s funny, and ACouplePuns puts our balance of relentless humor and love into a line of beautifully funny greeting cards. Whether you prefer to say “Sumo one loves you,” with an adorable sumo wrestler, “You’re just my type,” with a vintage typewriter, or “You’re really fly,” with an all-too-familiar Navy trainer plane (oh, hey, pilot spouses), ACouplePuns can put your feelings to paper, and your valentine’s (or galentine’s) eyes will roll as a smile sweeps their face, whether they’re home or away.

Buy ACouplePuns Valentine’s Day cards for $5 each.

Love means never having to be alone on Valentine’s Day. When your valentine can’t be there, you’ll always have your galentines. Just when it looks like you’ll be spending another day of love solo as you roll your eyes at all the saps in your lineup of rom-coms, your tribe shows up with wine and ice cream. That’s true love right there.

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16 Things You Need For The Best Galentine’s Day Ever


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