Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching — we can tell because we’re almost out of Christmas candy. Our military kids are tough and resilient, and it’s always nice to give them an extra little love. These unique Valentine’s Day gifts for kids from Daily Mom Military are perfect for your littlest heroes, showing them that military life is tough, but they are even tougher. Some are perfect for when their service-member parent is away, but each one is great for a little extra love every single day. 

1Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with Budsies

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Your child’s best bud is gone, but that doesn’t mean they can’t keep them close. With Budsies, your military kiddo can carry mom or dad’s likeness in the form of a stuffed doll. Each Budsie is created by transforming a picture of your service member into a doll that looks just like them — right down to the uniform they are wearing. If you’re looking for something a little different, Budsies can even recreate your child’s drawing into a stuffed animal — which is perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift or even as something to send to your service member while they are deployed to make them feel a little bit closer to home.

Military families can save 10 percent on any military selfie Budsies by using the code MILITARYFAMILY.

You can buy create your very own Budsies from $99 to $115.

2Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with GeoJango


It’s no secret that military families travel. Surprise your little ones with a GeoJango Personalized Push Pin Travel Map. This fun map includes 100 multi-colored map pins for your child to use to track all the places they’ve visited! It’s also completely customizable, from the color of the map to the titles, fonts, and frames.

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Our favorite is the Wonders of the World kid’s map, it comes in either soft or vibrant colors. This is a perfect way to get the family together and plan future travels.

Buy the GeoJango Personalized Push Pin Travel Map for $99.

3Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with Bond Touch

Bondtouch Dolan

Valentine’s Day can be a rough holiday when your loved one is not by your side to celebrate it. But distance doesn’t have to mean you both have to spend the day without each other’s touch.

Bond Touch is a small, silicone bracelet that connects two people from anywhere on the planet by sending a vibrating signal when one person touches their bracelet. Through the use of a touch sensor, one user simply touches their bracelet twice and immediately, your partner will see an LED signal and feel a vibration on their own bracelet. At $98, you can receive a pair of bracelets ­— one for each of you ­— and start forgetting what it was like to miss your loved one’s touch. This is a perfect gift for the friend enduring a long distance relationship or a child wanting to feel her deployed parent’s touch from overseas. Accessories for your Bond Touch can also be found online, such as different types of silicone and leather bands.

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Buy the Bond Touch for $98.

4Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with Feltman Brothers

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Get your little one ready for Valentine’s Day with cute, vintage-style clothing from Feltman Brothers. These outfits are made with quality fabrics and feature intricate embroidery, fly sleeves, and tiny, floral bullions and pearls. This outfit is a must-have for those picture-perfect Valentine’s Day looks!

Buy the Pearl Flower Fly Sleeve Bubble romper for $54.97.

5Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with Junior Hammock

Valentine’s Day Guide-cc

A family camping trip with your kiddos can be such a fun way to spend the weekend! While we can’t guarantee that they won’t end up in your sleeping bag overnight, we can recommend a solution for giving them their own space for some downtime! The Junior Hammock from Grand Trunk is designed specifically for kids and adapts to them as they grow, with a weight range of 45-­150 pounds. The hammocks are made from 100 percent nylon, are machine washable, and they come with a lifetime warranty!

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Buy the Junior Hammock in Rising Stars for $39.95.

6Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Children with Summer Lulu

Vday Hgg

When you are a new mom, the fashion game moves from coordinated to hoping for a clean shirt to wear. Being a new mother doesn’t mean the jewelry can’t be pretty and fashionable. In addition to just being beautiful, this functional necklace from Summer Lulu is safe for tots to chew on. Summer Lulu Oval Necklaces come in 11 colors and are made of 100 percent food-grade silicone. Look fabulous and be comforted, knowing that when your teething tot reaches for your necklace, it’s safe.

Buy the Summer LuLu Oval Necklace for $34.

7Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with ZZZBears

Lauren Valentine’s Day 2019

Military kids are resilient — there is no doubt about that — but even the toughest kids need a little comfort, especially when mom or dad is away on a mission. ZZZBears are teddy bears that kids can snuggle with at night (or all day, too) to keep them safe when your service member is gone. Sgt. Sleeptight, who comes with his own Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard uniform, is on duty to keep your military kid safe and comforted while their hero is busy keeping the rest of the world safe.

Buy Sgt. Sleeptight for $19.99.

8Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Children with Stress Free Kids Coloring Books

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Military children deal with a lot of ups and downs — moving, separation from friends, separation from a parent, deployments, long training schedules, and a lot of uncertainty. They feel the stress of all this and don’t always have the words to express their feelings. When the military family is strong, the active-duty service member is strong and able to complete the mission. Stress Free Kids created a curriculum, books, CDs, and lesson plans providing guidance to help children manage stress. The Angry Octopus Color Me Happy, Color Me Calm coloring book helps children to relax, focus and process through coloring. In addition, Stress Free Kids provides a military discount on their products and free downloads for military families. Gifting a stress-free moment to your military child is truly a gift for everyone.

Buy the Angry Octopus Color Me Happy, Color Me Calm coloring book for $11.95.
Buy the ePDF coloring book for $8.95.

9Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with Primary Rainbow Heart Pajamas

Primary Rainbow Heart Footies

For busy parents, simplicity is key, which is why Primary baby and kids clothes are the perfect fit for every family. Primary provides solid wardrobe staples, made from healthier OEKO-Tex Certified cotton, without the sequins and slogans that you’d find on other brands. These adorable Rainbow Heart pajamas are gender-neutral, which means that everyone can match! Their soft, high-quality construction and cheery print are perfect for warming up a cold winter’s day.

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Buy the Heart Stripe footie for $19.50 or the two-piece Heart Stripe separates for $16 each.

10Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with Sour Punch Heart Valentine’s Candy

Sour Punch Candies

For the sweet tooth in all of us, but especially for those special children in your life, these flavorful Sour Punch Heart Valentine’s Candies are perfect for children of all ages. With a sour twist and great flavor, they are sure to be a hit! Who doesn’t love gummies and seasonal candy? Sour Punch Heart Valentine’s Candy is the perfect treat for the sweetest day of the year.

Buy Sour Punch Heart Valentine’s Candy for $19.99.

11Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with Baby Jack & Company: American Flag Learning Lovey

Baby Jack And Co Lovey

There’s nothing sweeter than a baby with that first special toy — except maybe a military baby with that first patriotic toy! Baby Jack & Company created a line of Learning Lovies for the little ones in your life to snuggle with and enjoy! Featured here is the beautifully finished, American Flag Lovey. This beautiful pattern is offered in Lovey size (8×8 square) with taggies for chewing and learning, or in a small snuggle blanket size. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the newest member of your family!

Buy the Baby Jack & Company Lovey for $14.95.

12Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids with Pera Coloring

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids
13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Coloring is such a great pastime and a great thing to include in care packages when mom or dad is away. With these personalized Pera Coloring sheets, you can select your child’s favorite picture of them and their service member parent, have them color it, and then mail it to mom or dad! It’s a great way to say Happy Birthday, Happy Mothers Day, Happy, Fathers Day, or just I Love You!

Buy a personalized Pera Coloring sheet from Pera Coloring for $9.99.

13Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Kids with Ooly Art

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

For the artistic child in your life, Ooly has art supplies that make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Your child can adorn your planner with sweet notes, keep track of where they are in the book they are reading, and leave tabs marking the items they want in the next LEGO catalog with the Note Pals Sticky Tabs with rainbow hearts.The Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons come in a set of 12 heart-shaped crayons that stack into each other in any color order or design. The BFF Scented Eraser Bracelets come in a set of two and are the perfect gift to give to your child to share with their best friend, celebrating their best friendship, this Valentine’s Day. Bonus: The bracelet is strawberry scented — which means it smells amazing — and each bead is an eraser!

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids

Buy Rainbow Hearts Sticky Note Tabs for $2.50.

Buy Best Friend Scented Eraser Bracelets for $4.99.

Buy Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons for $2.99.

Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here. You want your kids to feel special and to show how much you care. Get them something special and let them know they deserve it (who knows, maybe they’ll even share their candy and let you color with them).

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13 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids


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