As soon as their feet hit the floor each morning, moms are on the move. As we ready the family for the day, draw up our lengthy to-do lists, and fill our travel mugs to the brim, one thing that’s not on our mind is which shoes are the in style this season. Grabbing the van keys and offering the crowd one last potty opportunity, we assess our selection of shoes based on only a few factors. Mostly, comfort, attractiveness, and durability. Basically, we need our shoes to be able to keep up with us. There’s nothing more disappointing than footwear that fails after only a few intensive mom-life sessions. Stick with us to find out which we think are the best shoes for moms who are out to get it all done.

5 Best Shoes for Moms

best shoes for moms

For over 10 years Toms has been popular for their high-quality, casual footwear and praised for their industry-leading environmental and social responsibility. What began as a brand with a single style, the classic canvas slip-on, has grown into a massively diverse one, with tons of new shoe styles, bags, and eyewear now too! We first fell in love with the original Toms design for the ease and comfort but stayed loyal to the company for its mission to give away a pair of shoes for each one that they sold. The slip-ons are perfect for literally every mom errand you could think of, as they are easy to pop on, have an unfussy design, and look lovely with your favorite jeans or leggings. Toms other styles are also very well made and beautifully crafted, like these wedges. And while most heeled shoes tend to make it more challenging to chase after your toddler in the parking lot, the sturdy shape of these will keep you upright in your sprint.

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best shoes for moms

These deftly designed, German-made sandals are currently experiencing a revival, and for good reason. The footbeds of these shoes are engineered to conform to your foot over time, giving a perfectly custom, supportive fit. We would recommend these for parents who need – or prefer – better arch support. It’s like walking on some of Bob Ross’ happy clouds. We are talking all-day-at-Disney-level comfort in these bad boys. We’ve tried a few different styles, including the Arizona and the Gizeh, and each has delivered an equally cozy fit. For those living in warmer climates, these are year-round must-haves.

best shoes for moms

For moms that find themselves needing something slightly more athletic, but not full on running sneakers, Vans are just right. They originated as a skateboarding shoe, but you can totally pull them off for your everyday wear. Between all the balancing and bruises, parenting can be a whole lot like skateboarding sometimes anyway. The flat look and understated details make them so cute and fashionably versatile. We could see ourselves on the soccer field sidelines in these, or getting in some serious stroller miles on walks to the park. Vans come in both laced and slip-on styles, the latter of which is perfect for all the times your hands are bound to be full.

best shoes for moms

Here, we get into some unprecedented awesomeness. Rothys are seriously cute and comfortable flats made of recycled plastic bottles. The way they weave the repurposed material makes them extra sturdy, non-stretchy, but moldable to the foot. These are perfect for the days when you need to look put together, but you have a one-year-old, so towering heels are not conducive to your life. We’re obsessed with their machine-wash-ability which is rather rare in the world of cute, dressy flats. For date night, parent-teacher conferences, or anytime you want a little boost of confidence, slip into your Rothys. Just make sure you check the sizing before you snag some. Some styles run about half a size small.

best shoes for moms

In recent history, Tieks have become something of a holy grail in women’s shoes. They come in one variation, the ballet flat, but offer a choice between leather or vegan uppers and large color selection. But what about them has everyone raving? It’s Tieks signature comfort and chic combo. Their rubber soles and robust construction hold up well in even the most demanding terrain. They can also fold in half perfectly for storage, which makes these the ultimate travel and sightseeing shoes. They’re equally appropriate for traipsing up and down European cobblestone streets and a thorough exploration of children’s museums. There’s no denying how well Tieks travel, but they are definitely a splurge. If you can afford it, or have someone eager to spoil you, these little teal-soled wonders could be yours.

best shoes for moms

Look, Moms’ shoes work hard. All day, they’re racing from the grocery store to preschool, and from dance class to playdates. The shoes we choose to wear should be able to endure through each and every trip, walk, hike, and bike ride. We can’t have our feet fail us halfway through an enthusiastic Target spree. This list of recommendations will prevent you from the trial-and-error route of finding the best shoes for moms, and keep you moving seamlessly through the marathon years.

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5 best shoes for moms


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