Women are busy individuals – running from work, errands, play dates — our footwear should reflect that. We have you covered with the top shoes for women to wear this summer – from flip flops to sneakers to slip on, you will be ready for vacation and days at home with the shoes on this list. From the park to the beach to the theme park – what footwear stands the test?

5 Best Summer Shoes for Women

Best Washable Shoe: Rothys

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You can slip your foot in without worry, and take it to the park or zoo. If it gets dirty or sweaty, just toss that insert into the wash and wear it the next day. The price point may be shocking at first, but considering the longevity and versatility of this shoe, it is worth the investment (or splurge – depending on how you look at it). Your friends have been talking about this shoe for a while, it’s time to check it out. Trust us!

Bonus: If you have a friend who owns a pair, ask them if they have a discount code.

best shoes for women for summer. marisa mcdonald photography 2

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Best Slip-On Shoe: Toms Classic

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Toms simply must grace our top shoes for women list. They are by far my personal favorite park shoe, mine have been worn to the Disneyland park over and over, and then on errands, then to a dance recital. With their bright color choices, there is a choice to suit everyone. There are even prints and Disney prints to suit your fancy. These are a bit more affordable.

Bonus: Through the Toms One-for-One program, each purchase of shoes means a pair of shoes is donated to someone in need.

Best Sneakers: Brooks

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Moms who are also runners cannot go wrong with these shoes. They come in the traditional size and width to allow for the most comfortable running experience. Brooks has figured out the best way to provide cushion and support to allow for running without the worry of foot and ankle pain. There are many stylish options to choose from with the Launch 6 being a favorite with vibrant colors.

Bonus: Most military exchanges carry these shoes which means you can get them at a little bit of a discount. Also, if the muted colors don’t bother you, look at the men’s line to save a few bucks.

Best Sandals: Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

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Sanuk sandals are comfortable and multi-functional. The yoga sling is made from the same materials as yoga mats, allowing you to literally walk around with a cushion at your feet. The Sling is made from stretch knit that moves with your foot and ankle as you walk – no chaffing allowed! You can get them in many colors, or get the classic black and dress them up for a date night or dress them down to go to the beach. While we can’t promise that you will be able to do every yoga position while wearing them, your feet will certainly be relaxed.

Bonus: Join their mailing list and save 10% on your order.

Best Flip Flops: Rainbow Sandals

rainbow sandals 5 shoes for women for summer

Southern California coastal made Rainbow sandals are local favorites for many reasons, one of which is construction. Rainbow flip flops hold up to daily use and wear and tear that is required for those living in the beach community. One pair lasted one of our writers for 5 years!  This classic pair with a single layer sole allows for cushion without lift and with new colors added last year, your favorite color is sure to be available. If you are lucky enough to visit or live in San Clemente, California, check out their headquarters for the ultimate shopping experience.

Bonus: If you bring in your old pair of sandals, receive 10% off for each pair you return.

Be summer ready with these top shoes for women at your ready! Your feet will be supported and comforted, which is sure to stand up for whatever theme parks, beach or park outings you have planned this summer! What is your favorite pair?

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5 best shoes for women for summer


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