Every busy military spouse knows that trying to get yourself ready every day can be a chore. Between getting the kids ready for the day, navigating the aisles of the commissary on payday, and trying to figure out why the lawnmower, washer, and refrigerator all decided to stop working two days after your spouse left for deployment it can all seem a little…much.

Luckily there are a few certain staples you can have on your rotation that can bring you from the gym to the PX to a coffee round-up for your spouse’s unit and then home again for dinner/bath/bedtime routine without having to change every single time.

Busy Military Spouse and Mom Look Book

Look 1: Yoga

4 Simple Looks For The Busy Military Spouse And Mom

First look of the day is your casual yoga wear. Whether you are just dropping the kids of at school or actually going to yoga, these pieces by military spouse owned company, Doll Yoga Wear, give you the flexibility you need (literally) all while looking good. The charcoal OG leggings are made with super soft spandex that help you down dog in style without looking like that maintenance guy that came to fix your sink. Pair it with this purple embellished tank and you’ve got yourself a workout/school drop off look that says, “I actually get dressed in the morning. Kind of.”

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Charcoal Grey LeggingsPurple Embellished Tank

Look 2: Commissary

4 Simple Looks For The Busy Military Spouse And Mom

We all know you can’t hit up the commissary or the Exchange with PT gear on. But those Lance Corporals standing out front or that salty Gunney won’t know the difference with this look. Grab this off-the-shoulder bat-wing sweater to put over top of your tank that covers the butt of your leggings for a put-together look. Then pair it with these cute Koolaburra flats so you are in regs and you can zip through those aisles with speed.

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Charcoal OG LeggingsOff-the-Shoulder Sweater in ColbaltKellen Flats from Koolaburra

Look 3: After-School Activities

4 Simple Looks For The Busy Military Spouse And Mom

Once those groceries are unloaded its time to switch up your look- but you still need to be comfortable when doing the whole after school runaround. A quick shower and a change into Doll Yoga’s black OG leggings and their Doll Racerback will give you the room you need to move from place to place. The Swarovski crystals on both the leggings and the tank give it a little extra style, too.

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Black OG LeggingDoll Racerback

Look 4: Spouse Event

4 Simple Looks For The Busy Military Spouse And Mom

One thing that spouses do often is go from being in full #momlife mode straight to an event with other military spouses. Doll Yoga Wear makes that transition a little bit easier by providing clothes that can easily move you from one look to the next. Your black OG leggings and Doll Racerback tank can be dressed up with some cute sandals and a boyfriend sweater that makes it a little more modest looking. Grab some earrings from military spouse owned Jane & Cope, your favorite bracelets from CharlieMadison, and you have a look that goes effortlessly from mom to milspouse.

4 Simple Looks For The Busy Military Spouse And Mom

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Black OG LeggingDoll RacerbackBoyfriend SweaterSaige SandalsJane & Cope EarringsCharlieMadison Bracelets

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Busy military spouses know that military life gets the best of us. Sometimes its hard to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves, too- and part of that is making sure we feel good in clothes that look good and are well put together. Doll Yoga Wear is a simple way to transition from mom to got-it-together milspouse so you can feel comfortable and look good all at the same time.

Black OG Legging |Charcoal OG Leggings| Purple Embellished Tank | Doll Racerback
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4 Simple Looks For The Busy Military Spouse And Mom


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