We completely understand. Cleaning is not your jam. You want to show up, get it done, and move onto something (anything) else. That is why you need a simple, easy-to-follow plan to accomplish your home cleaning without wasting a lick of time. If you can budget in just 15-20 minutes per day of focused work, by the end of the week you will achieve a completely cleaned home. So, throw on your favorite playlist, grab a stack of microfiber cloths, and get down to business today (or at least before your mom-in-law comes to visit) with this weekly cleaning schedule.

Monday: Bathrooms

the practical house cleaning guide. crystal de pasille

Using your preferred cleaning solution, spray and wipe down the sink, toilet, and vanity mirror in each bathroom. Start with the cleanest places and move to the dirtier ones, switching out cloths to prevent cross-contamination. Scrub the toilet bowl. If you have hand towels, go ahead and toss used ones into a hamper and replace them. Don’t worry about the floors yet! We’ll work on that later in the week. Each bathroom should only take about 5 minutes to clean.

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Tuesday: Dusting and Surface Wiping

When dusting, you’ll want to use something that will capture the dirt instead of pushing it around. Microfiber cloths are great for this, as opposed to the fluffier dusting tools out there. In each room, start from the top and work your way around and down. Since wiping puts some dust into the air, this spiral pattern assures that it won’t float down onto the surfaces you already took care of. Evaluate the knick-knacks you have out and consider if they’re worth dusting every week, or if you can put them away somewhere. Then give your kitchen counters a good thorough wipe down.

Wednesday: Vacuuming

Since you disturbed all the dust in the house yesterday with some landing on the floor, today’s a great day to vacuum! Whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, or a combo, vacuuming the whole thing saves time over switching back and forth to a broom. For two-level homes, start at the furthest place from the stairs, moving toward them. Then vacuum the stairs and the next level. Try to minimize the amount of time you spend moving things you’ll have to get underneath by putting everything to one side of the room first, then switch sides when that part is done. Dump the dirt when you’re all finished. Bonus: buy a robot vacuum and take Wednesdays off.

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Thursday: Mopping

Let’s finish those floors! With a clean mop and a bucket of hot cleaning solution start wiping your floor, moving from one end to the other. Keep the mop in front of you and move backward to keep from re-soiling the cleaned areas. Scrub those sticky and grimy spots with a little extra force and voila! Nice and clean. Don’t forget to hit the bathroom floors last.

Friday: Cleaning Schedule Catch All Day

It’s house chores wild card day! Use this time to clean out the fridge, do some deeper kitchen cleaning, meal prep, declutter paperwork…whatever you need to take care of the most.

Saturday: Sheets and Towels

the practical housecleaning guide. dan gold via unsplash

Washing the dirty sheets and towels that your family has been using all week may take a few loads, but doing them all at once like this will dramatically reduce the stress of the weekly laundry workload. Take all the sheets off the beds in the morning and have them replaced back onto the beds or put away before the end of the day. Sweet dreams!

Sunday: The Day of Rest

Congratulations! You made it. Delight in your day off.

We love how easy this cleaning schedule is for anyone to use. Especially those of us born without the innate desire to be constantly tidying. Print this out and keep it on the fridge until you have it memorized. Soon, you’ll be able to welcome any pop-in visitor without hesitation.

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the practical home cleaning schedule

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