With every PCS military spouses find themselves asking, “How am I going to make my furniture fit in here?” Sometimes we move to a house that’s much bigger than the one before. Sometimes we move to a house that is much, much smaller than the one before. With every move we purge, we buy new things to fit our new home, and we try to make it as comfortable as possible for the next 1 to 3 years. Over the years military spouses seem to gain a knack for puzzle piecing our furniture together. But sometimes we get to our new house and we don’t have a clue on how to organize a room.

Luckily there are experts out there that can actually help us figure out how to best utilize a space and how to decorate it with items we already have and maybe get a few new ones along the way (go ahead girl, you deserve it after that PCS). Modsy is an online design company that allows you to submit the room you need designed along with your design preferences, style, and needs. A short quiz gives them idea of the colors and style you are naturally attuned to so they can find items from some of your favorite stores to make the room of your dreams.

Daily Mom Military Modsy Room Design

Modsy can do almost any room in your room except your kitchen or outdoor spaces. But no matter if you are looking for a new concept for your living room to give you more space or if you are just trying to figure out what to do with that extra bedroom, they can help.

The program is simple to use. After you take the style quiz you will submit your room to be designed. You let them know what type of space you are looking to redecorate, submit landscape photos (and a floor plan if you have it- this is basically the only time the base housing website comes in handy), measurements, and any pieces you want to keep in the room. You can even let them know which stores you’d like to shop from and your budget.

A few days after you have submitted your room, a Modsy specialist will come back with any questions and show you your first design. Depending on which Modsy package you choose depends on how fast you get your designs back, but no matter which package you choose you will get 2 initial 3-D designs of your room and unlimited revisions fromthe Modsy team. The higher-end packages offer you one-on-one design consultations, discounts from your favorite stores, and concierge shopping, too. It’s like having a personal decoration and personal shopper all rolled into one!

Take a look at our Modsy designs for a kid’s playroom:


Daily Mom Military Modsy Playroom Design-2

Daily Mom Military Modsy Playroom Design-3

Daily Mom Military Modsy Playroom Design


Design 1

Modsy Daily Mom Military Design 2-3 Modsy Daily Mom Military Design 2-2 Modsy Daily Mom Military Design 2-4 Modsy Daily Mom Military Design 1-4

Design 2

Modsy Daily Mom Military Design 1-1 Modsy Daily Mom Military Design 1-2 Modsy Daily Mom Military Design 1-3

PCSing is hard enough. Once those movers leave you with all your furniture and a thousand boxes to unpack, trying to figure out how to puzzle-piece your furniture into your new house is a whole other task. No matter how many moves you make during your spouse’s military career you want your house to feel like a home. The best way to do that is to create a space you love, and the team at Modsy can help. By providing you with designs and pieces that you never would have thought of yourself, they make PCSing just a little bit easier.



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