It’s happened. You’ve been in one of those immaculate Japanese 7-11s and after the initial shock of how sparkly clean it all is, (um, the bathrooms are even clean, the bathrooms, people!) you remember why you stopped there in the first place: You’re hungry.

Taste Test: Japanese Snacks With Live Iwakuni
japaneses snacks

So you stumble and bumble between the aisles and mutter a few sumimasens — because let’s face it, you’re in the way, you’re always in the way — You finally settle for a ham and lettuce sandwich, which, by the way, is the best lettuce known to man. But you wonder, oh, do you wonder which snacks might have made for a perfect accompaniment to such a surprisingly wonderful ham sammie. Looking longingly at the snack aisle, as you pass it on your way to your car, you decide that’s an adventure for another day.

“If only someone could decipher the labels, nay! Try the snacks beforehand and report back,” you think as you drive away, wishing you’d grabbed another sandwich for later and the, wondering why the word, “nay” popped into your head because you’ve never actually said that word in your entire life…

Not to fear! Live Iwakuni is here! The dynamic duo, Priscilla and Bridget, are back again here to tell you all about popular Japanese snacks. From wasabi crackers to chocolate covered tree shaped wafters, they give you their honest opinions, no holds barred.

Need some wine with that cheese?
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Taste Test: Japanese Snacks With Live Iwakuni


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