The great Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “Wine is bottled poetry,” and folks, we couldn’t agree more. Its bottled poetry, bottled rock ‘n’ roll, bottled quiet time. You name it, wine can be pretty much anything you need it to be. There’s just so much to choose from! And so much to know! Can we get an amen?

Although wine in Japan is not nearly as popular as sake or shochu, its presence is certainly growing. Imported wines from France are widely available, as well as many from the U.S., Australia, and Chile. There are even some vineyards producing wine right here in Japan!

In their very first wine episode, the Priscilla and Amber of Live Iwakuni taste wines available at the local YouMe Town. From white Bordeaux from France to Valpolicella from Italy, they talk about wine tasting basics, flavor profiles, and food pairing ideas.

In their second wine episode, these wine lovin’ gals taste wines available at Fresta. They kick off the tasting with a German Riesling from Mosel with notes of honeysuckle and a touch of sweetness. Then, on to a Chardonnay blend from California, because, California. And finally, the “bunny wine,” which is a red blend (mostly Montepulciano and a bit of Sangiovese) from the Marche region of Italy.

So if you need help finding a new wine to try at your next dinner party or if you just want to have a glass to yourself in the bath tub, the ladies of Live Iwakuni have your back! 

See more about living in Iwakuni with Shopping the Konbini Store with Live Iwakuni

Shopping For Japanese Wines With Live Iwakuni


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Amber is a Virginia girl turned expat living with her handsome hubby and five-year-old fur baby Gulliver in a quiet town in Yamaguchi, Japan. She earned an associate's degree in liberal arts and a bachelor's in English and has written everything from sketch comedy and screenplays to rhetorical arguments and poetry. She passed her level one sommelier exam in February 2018 through the Court of Master Sommeliers and loves learning about (tasting) new wines from all over the globe. She is the editor-in-chief and founder of Crumb & Splatter where she shares all things food, drink, and travel. When she's not working out or writing, she can be found honing her snowboarding skills in Hiroshima, exploring hiking trails with her pup, or creating wild dishes in the kitchen with her hubs and a great bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape within reach.


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