Raise your hand if the neighborhood kids ring your doorbell every seven minutes asking if your kids can come out to play? Keep your hand raised if you have to tell said kids, “No, we’re doing homework right now,” or “No, we’re eating dinner right now, but they can play later.” Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sign so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing every seven minutes? If only someone had instructions for a DIY can’t play sign…sigh…

Oh, wait! We have those instructions. We’ve come up with the simplest DIY can’t play sign:

One side says: We Can Play.

One side says: We Can’t Play.

You may be thinking, But what about the kids who can’t read yet? We didn’t forget about them! We came up with the clever idea of having one side green (can) and the other side red (can’t). Hopefully, after explaining once (or twice) to the ‘hood kids, they will catch on and give your doorbell (and barking dog) a much-needed vacation.

Love this idea, but aren’t particularly crafty? Don’t worry! We made this nifty DIY amazingly simple because we know time is precious and you don’t always have time for elaborate Pinterest-y projects. We also offered two options for your personal preference/varying degree of creativity.

Note: Check to see what type of door handle you have before picking a project.

The Wooden Door Hanger Option


  • Wooden sign
  • Green craft/acrylic paint
  • Red craft/acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Permanent marker

DIY Can't Play Sign

Paint one side red. Let dry. Paint the other side green. Let dry. Using a permanent marker write “We Can Play” on the green side, and “We Can’t Play” on the red side. That’s it!

The Foam Door Hanger Option


  • Red foam door hanger
  • Green foam door hanger
  • Hot glue gun
  • Permanent marker

DIY Can't Play Sign

Using the hot glue gun, glue the green foam door hanger to the red one. With a permanent marker write “We Can Play” on the green side, and “We Can’t Play” on the red side. Done!

DIY Can't Play Sign

Depending on your front door handle, you may want to cut a slit on the side so it can fit around your handle. 

Optional Modification

If the ‘hood kids (or your own kids) have a tendency of getting the door hanger caught in the slamming door, you can always hang this DIY can’t play sign on a Command hook right next to the door (or not so subtly over the doorbell).

How simple was that? Let us know you tried this at home. Tag us on Instagram: @dailymommilitary with the hashtag: #DMMDIY

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DIY Can't Play Sign

Photo Credits: Renee Dolan Photography

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