We are all Marie Kondo-ing right now. We have old books, magazines and catalogs leftover from the holidays, and newspapers ads that seem to take over our house quickly. But before you throw everything into the recycle bin, you could repurpose them into a fun DIY alphabet book for your kids.

This alphabet book is easy to make and uses some of the things you have just laying around your house. You can make it and use it as a learning tool, or have your kids help you with a new letter each week to extend the learning experience.

Here’s everything you need to know about making your own DIY alphabet book:

What You Need:

  • Binder
  • Paper
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Diy Alphabet Book For Some Learning Fun

What to Do:

1. Find the letters A-Z in the magazine with your children.

2. Cut out the letters – maybe involve an older child, or help your preschooler cut out the letters. The beauty is that if there is a cutting mistake, there are more magazine pages with letters.

3. Glue the letters – one for each page. Using a glue stick makes this a job for preschoolers and older.

4. Find pictures that start with the letter for each coordinating page.

5. Glue associated pictures to the coordinating letter.

6. Complete the alphabet – A to Z!

Diy Alphabet Book For Some Learning Fun

The beauty of the DIY Alphabet Book is that it is a built-in learning experience and recycling. When you are finding the letters, you are working on letter recognition, fine motor skills when cutting the letters and letter association when picking out pictures. When using the book later, it continues the letter recognition and picture association.

The re-purposing of a magazine demonstrates other ways of recycling. Reducing the carbon footprint with reducing, reusing and recycling sets a great example for whomever you share the book with, but also declutters your home – win – win! Get creative with letters like K and Z – for instance if living in Japan, maybe find a “kimono” for the letter K. Or if living in the D.C. area, use cut outs of museums from pamphlets on your visits.

Now that you have made your book – take it on the go (it makes a great PCS activity kit- you can add pictures to different letter pages for the cities you stop in or places you visit along the way). Or maybe have your children make one for their friends’ birthday! It will be a learning experience for both the creator and the recipient, and declutter your house. Sounds like the decluttering New Year’s resolution is still being accomplished!

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Diy Alphabet Book For Some Learning Fun


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