Moving every few years can be both exciting and exhausting. It’s invigorating to freshen up and redecorate a new space. It’s equally exhausting having to do it so often — especially when it means living in a constant state of chaos. How can you calm yourself when it gets to be too crazy inside? Enter: the relaxing outdoor space.

Backyards come in different shapes and sizes, but it’s still possible to create an “escape.” While still in the trenches of unpacking and puzzle-piecing furniture, the outdoor space is the perfect place to unwind and take a break. Outdoor spaces are relatively easy to set up and maintain — helping you ease PCS stress.

Setting Up A Relaxing Outdoor Space

Outdoor Rug: The foundation for the outdoor space (as space allows) is a rug. For a small rug, place the rug under the table for your feet to rest while enjoying a meal. Washable rugs, like those from Ruggable, allow you to make a mess and toss the rug in the wash as needed. Washable rugs are ideal for frequent moves — or families with young children — or messy adults.

Lights: Ambience can be easily created with lighting. Filament string lights make for a glowing and relaxing nighttime experience. Whether your view is an apartment building or luscious yard, you can escape in a relaxing atmosphere.

DMM Tip: During springtime, Costco and Sam’s carry string lights on sale. If you need them in “Amazon time,” click here.

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Fire Pit or Chiminea: In addition to whimsy, a fire pit or chimenea provides warmth on a cold fall night, as well as the ability to roast marshmallows. Bonus: Home Depot and Lowe’s both offer a military discount.

ways to create a luxurious outdoor space. david von diemar via unsplash

Adirondack Chair: The ultimate seat to relax in; just sit back and admire your tranquil space. Adirondack chairs come in any color or finish. If an L.L. Bean chair isn’t in your budget, check out local yard sales. One fellow milspouse even bought some made by a veteran family!

Hammock Chair: Hammocks are relaxing. When space doesn’t allow for a full-size hammock, the hammock chair fulfills the sensation of relaxing and is totally kid-friendly.

Mosquito Repellant: No one can rest if there are bugs around! Thermacell Radius is a rechargeable, spray-free, no-mess way to avoid the bugs! So no chemicals and no bugs – this definitely allows for relaxation!

thermacell.eastern sky photography nc.101

Play Structure: If you have small and active children, offering a play structure that fits within the constraints of your outdoor space helps avoid them using you as the play structure. Maybe you can fit a water table or slide, or if you have a larger yard – an actual playhouse. Invest in a play space for the little ones in your life, and they will be begging to go outdoors.

Creating a relaxing outdoor space, where you can escape from boxes, toy mess, and household chores is imperative for your mental well-being. Whatever you pick to be in your outdoor oasis, get ready to relax!

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creating a relaxing outdoor space


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