Wall mount cell phone holders solve a lot of problems. For starters, you can store and charge your phone while keeping surfaces clutter-free, which would please Marie Kondo.

Military spouses know that having your cell phone close by is more than just keeping things neat or staying on top of your social media game. It is also your lifeline to your military service member, especially when they are deployed.

Keep Your Phones Safe With Wallabox + A Giveaway

Many of us clutch to our phones like they are our lifeblood. Heaven forbid we can’t find it when our spouses call from overseas- we panic! With the Wallabox, you can make sure you phone is in one place all the time so whenever they call you aren’t trying to flip over couch cushions and racing around your house trying to find it.

Wallabox is simple to use. Pick a place that is central to your home (or you can even use it for your car or send one to your service member to put next to their rack) and attach it with the sticky strips or screw it into the wall. Now you have a place for your phone at all times and you don’t have to worry about trying to find it at the last second when your spouse calls or Facetimes.

Keep Your Phones Safe With Wallabox + A Giveaway

Wallabox is great for:

  • Keeping your phone off the counter
  • Making sure your phone is in one spot
  • Next to your bed so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your night stand or sleep with it under your pillow
  • For your car
  • Next to your spouse’s rack while they are deployed or forward
  • Keeping your phone out of sight so you aren’t tempted to always be on it

Keeping our phones near us when our spouses are gone is important to every military spouse, but Wallabox can also help you be more present when you are with your friends and family. Instead of carrying your phone around the house with you, giving you the temptation to look at social media, play games, or generally ignore the people who are actually physically present with you, you can put it in the Wallabox. This way there is no more temptation, or downright habit, to keep looking at your phone.

Wallabox is great for military spouses, service members, and civilians to keep their phones safe, in one place, and make them more present to those around them.

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Daily Mom Military is giving away a wall mount cell phone holder (any color) to one lucky reader! Enter our Wallabox giveaway below.

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Wallabox can make a difference for a military spouse’s level of stress when their service member is deployed. If they know that their phone is safe and in a certain spot, they won’t worry about missing a single phone call, text, or Facetime because they were searching for their phones. Game changer!

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Keep Your Phones Safe With Wallabox + A Giveaway


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