Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and we here at Daily Mom Military want to help you celebrate. Whether your spouse is home (for once), off training, or deployed, we want to help make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Each day, starting on February 1st, we will be giving away a new prize to a lucky Daily Mom Military reader. Look below to see what you can win today, and check out our Valentine’s Day Extravaganza 2020 page every day for new giveaways and winner announcements!

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Day 7 Giveaway:
SafeShoot Device

Military families are no strangers to firearms. Our service members know everything about every weapon, just ask them. Though they are literally professionals, gun-related hunting accidents can and do happen—even to the most practiced shooter. Today, an incredible new innovation is adding an extra layer of safety to the hunt. SafeShoot is a device that mounts to a rifle and uses sensitive detection technology to alert the shooter if there is someone downrange of their aim. This groundbreaking safety net is making hunting safer than ever before.


SafeShoot is a godsend for families that hunt. Even if a child is old enough to understand safety rules and has been proven trustworthy in the field, he or she could still find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Teenagers are notorious for this. Thankfully, the Defender device can protect them.

A hunter using the SafeShoot takes aim through heavy woods in their direction. As soon as the GPS, RF, and MEMS sensors detect that the Defender is downrange, an alarm from the rifle-mounted device sounds, preventing a potential disaster. The SafeShoot and Defender devices aren’t just for families, but also practical for use by all members of a hunting party, to include dogs.

Beyond recreation, SafeShoot devices will change the way professional shooters train. Ultimately, this technology will become commonplace in military and law enforcement training environments. Soon, SafeShoot will be an essential part of live-fire training, eventually reducing the number of friendly-fire incidents in a dramatic way.

SafeShoot Devices
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For today’s giveaway, Daily Mom Military is giving away a SafeShoot device to 1 lucky Daily Mom Military reader!

Must be 18 years or older to enter, valid in the U.S., Canada, and APO/FPO. See Terms and Conditions for more details. Military association will be verified.

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