If you live in Okinawa, or have been stationed there before, chances are that you want something special on your tree to remember your time there. If anything happens while you’re stationed in Japan it is becoming embraced and enamored by the culture there. No military family leaves Okinawa without taking a little piece of it with them (even if that piece is sand from the beaches. Shh, we won’t tell).

But this holiday season you can add a little Japanese Christmas seishin (Japanese for spirit) with these Shisa Dog Ornaments from Sasa Loo.

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Shisa dogs are a symbol of good luck and when given as a gift are seen as an act of kindness from the gift giver. They are a traditional Chinese artifact that are somewhat a mix of a lion and a dog, and often come in pairs.

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Sasa Loo is a military spouse owned company. Owner, designer, and creator, Monica, is an Air Force spouse who was inspired by her time in Okinawa to create high quality luxury dolls and ornaments inspired by Japanese culture. Each of the Shisa dog ornaments are hand-crafted with fine linen and customized with a mane color of your choice.

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These Shisa dog ornaments make great gifts for hostesses at your next military event who lived in Okinawa, for any friends that have been stationed in Okinawa, or for family members who love to have a little part of you on their Christmas tree. They make great stocking stuffers for kids who are missing their time on the island or for your active duty member who felt a connection to Okinawa– either personally or for work. The Shisa dogs are also perfect for your own tree to remember your time overseas in the churashima (aka, the beautiful islands).

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