When you’re living on base, it can often seem like some specialty items are completely out of reach. For many women, this is definitely the case with things like good hair stylists, manicurists, boutique clothing and fine jewelry. Although they’re not everyday items that you need to have access to at all times, it’s nice to be able to know how far you’ll have to travel to reach these luxuries when you need to.

For products, we all know a huge saving grace is online shopping. Whether you’re looking for new kids clothes on Amazon or trying to find a dress for an upcoming base event, delivery can seem more vital to you now than it was when you were off base. This is one of the many reasons companies like Clean Origin were created as direct-to-consumer, 100% digitally native brands.

Easily Accessible Diamond Jewelry

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Diamonds aren’t something you probably think about everyday, or even every month. But when someone is searching for an engagement ring, an anniversary gift, or just a really nice pair of diamond studs, your first instinct might just be to point them to the nearest shopping mall. But what if that wasn’t the only option? Today’s eCommerce world is now allowing purchases as monumental as an engagement ring to happen online. This gives individuals the flexibility they need when a brick and mortar store just simply isn’t an option.

Not only is this a great alternative when you’re on base, but it gives your significant other the ability to order diamond jewelry when he/she is deployed. Have a milestone birthday coming up but your husband is overseas? He can easily order you a gorgeous tennis bracelet and have it shipped with ease to arrive at your doorstep for your big day.

Companies like Clean Origin also make it extremely easy to return or exchange any products that don’t work out. With a 100-day return policy, customers have over 3 months to decide how they like their new diamond jewelry!

A Brand Dedicated To Our Troops

With multiple former military members on their team, Clean Origin understands and respects the hardships that many armed forces families go through. Although they already offer the best diamonds at the absolute best price, Clean Origin offers one discount: 10% off engagement rings for all active and retired military members.

Couple this with the fact that lab-grown diamonds are already 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds and you could get an engagement that’s up to 50% less than the ones you would find at that shopping mall.

The Clean Origin team thanks our military for all that they do and they’re proud to bring gorgeous and affordable lab-grown diamond jewelry to all members of our armed forces at a discounted rate. Visit Clean Origin to learn more.

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