With Veteran’s Day right around the corner, we wish to honor the troops who risked their lives in order to provide us with freedom. These courageous men and women are the backbone of this country. 

Keeping an eye on our elderly veterans is an excellent way to show them we care and to also keep them safe. Every year, over 2.8 million elders get injured from falling. Many of these injuries are worsened by the fact that they are left there on the floor for hours until somebody notices them. This can be avoided by the use of a surveillance camera.

How Hubble Connected Can Help Prevent Serious Injuries

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Adding a surveillance camera to an elderly’s home is ideal for checking in on them at any time. Hubble Connected is the mobile app that powers all Motorola cameras such as the MBP88CONNECT, which is currently 25% off during this Veteran’s Day and it also includes 3-months of free Essentials plan. 

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By placing a security camera like the one mentioned above in your elderly’s home, you will be able to view them from anywhere in the world. Combined with a Hubble subscription plan such as the included Essentials plan, you can get notified when movement occurs. Receive the notification directly on your mobile phone – you can even increase or decrease the sensitivity, so only certain movements get detected. 

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Being able to view the live stream at any moment allows you to keep a constant eye on your loved ones.  If anything were to occur – such as a fall, you could immediately contact local paramedics and get your loved one the help they need. 


The Motorola MBP88CONNECT, powered by Hubble Connected even includes a SmartZone feature. This allows you to select a specific area that notifies you when there is movement. For instance, if you want to only get notified when there is movement by the doorway. 

Keeping Our Elderly Veterans Safe With Hubble Connected

SmartZone is an incredible feature that prevents you from being overwhelmed with notifications, while still receiving notifications in areas that matter the most. 

Another really nice feature about this security camera includes the Two-Way Talk feature. You can speak to your elder from your phone and they will hear it from the camera’s speaker. Likewise, they just need to speak out loud, and you will be able to hear them as well. 

Don’t Leave Your Elderly Loved One on Their Own

Adding a surveillance camera is a great way to reassure your loved one that someone is always nearby. Don’t leave them on their own – the risks are not worth it. Give them the sense of security they need to feel safe – they definitely deserve it! 

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Keeping Our Elderly Veterans Safe With Hubble Connected


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