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Rosie Project Apparel

DMM Finds: Rosie Project Apparel

Are you ever out running your best #milspouselife and think, “I could totally use a t-shirt for this?” Well, Rosie Project Apparel has you covered — literally. These t-shirts are all military-life inspired. They have shirts for girls, guys, and kids all with sayings, quips, and taglines that those of us in the military lifestyle will totally understand.

DMM Finds: Rosie Project Apparel

With shirts like “PCS Hair Don’t Care” and “Straight Outta PCS” your fellow military spouses will be giving you a high five as you take the 198th sticker off your HHGs. A simple “Milspouse” tee or “Oscar Mike Golf” will grant you a head nod from your base-housing neighbors, and your “Deployment Shirt” will be a fan favorite for those days you just…can’t.

DMM Finds: Rosie Project Apparel DMM Finds: Rosie Project Apparel

For those uber strong military kids, Rosie Project Apparel has shirts like, “BRAT,” “Hair Force One,” and “Lima Oscar Victor Echo.” They have onesies for the littlest military kids that speak the truth — “Military Kids are the Best Kids.” “World Traveler,” “PCS Hair Don’t Care,” and “TDY Hair Don’t Care” will make friends and family chuckle, while the “Welcome Home Daddy” shirt will make everyone’s hearts melt.

DMM Finds: Rosie Project Apparel

Rosie Project Apparel also has a few accessories, including coffee mugs to go along with your favorite tees, totes, and hats to cover up that PCS hair.

Check them out at Rosie Project Apparel, and use the code DAILYMOMMILITARY for 10% off your next order.


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DMM Finds: Rosie Project Apparel

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