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Brave Crate

One of the staples for a military spouse during a deployment is the care package. Sending one helps the deployed service member feel a little more connected to home. A care package is a great way to make those who are away from home feel comforted during those lonely hours when they are missing their loved ones, and they are always greatly appreciated. However, it isn’t common for people to think about taking care of the ones who are left behind — the military spouses.

DMM Finds: Brave Crate DMM Finds: Brave Crate

Brave Crate is a subscription box made just for military spouses who are going through a deployment. Each month there is a new theme to help uplift, comfort, and bring joy to the faces of the ones who are feeling the pain of missing their service member. With things like a monthly calendar to count down the days left in the deployment, full-sized beauty, health and wellness products, and online support, Brave Crate gives military spouses the “village” they need while their loved ones are gone.

DMM Finds: Brave Crate

Brave Crate is perfect as a gift for a friend going through a deployment or even as a gift to yourself. It gives military spouses something to look forward to every month, something that is just for them. It not only gives military spouses the gift of comfort, but it also gives them the gift of counting down — each month they receive a Brave Crate is another month off the deployment ticker.

DMM Finds: Brave CrateDMM Finds: Brave Crate

Brave Crate is more than just a subscription box, though. They also offer tips and advice from other military spouses in each box, free online webinars, and support groups to help a military spouse navigate the throes of deployment. 

DMM Finds: Brave Crate

To learn more about Brave Crate, check out the live unboxing from our friends over at #TheDependas.

Check out Brave Crate to pre-order next month’s box for a fellow military spouse or for yourself!


Brave Crate


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DMM Finds: Brave Crate

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