Military families are always looking for ways to consolidate space. And things that consolidate space and keep our families on a healthy track are doubly important. We don’t often have the space for bulky items, and we are always trying to find things that are easily stored, easy to transport, or collapsible to fit into our lifestyle.

Physical fitness is a huge part of military life, and military families often have to find ways to keep ourselves healthy in the middle of PCS’s, deployments, and trainings. Especially for our service members- anything they can take into the field or on deployment that doesn’t take up a ton of space and is durable is a huge win.

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Enter the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle. The Nomader solves so many inconveniences for both military families and service members. It is another tool we can have in our arsenal that makes this lifestyle a little easier- and gives us a little more space. And anything that makes this life a little bit easier is worth clinging to with both hands.

8 Reasons Why the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is Perfect for Military Families

The Perfect Collapsible Water Bottle For Military Families

It’s collapsible.

The first thing we love about the Nomader is that it is collapsible. One minute it’s a sturdy water bottle and the next, it folds up or squishes down and takes up so much less space. This means that a family collection of these water bottles takes up so much less room in your suitcase, your service member’s c-bag or pack, in your teeny-tiny base housing kitchen, and even in the car when you’re moving across the country.

It’s lightweight.

Traveling with half a dozen collapsible water bottles may not sound like a joy for those hauling suitcases, but Nomader is lightweight. It weighs only 7 oz when empty, which means even your toddler can carry their own in that adorable little backpack. Fully extended it measures 10.5” in height and just 3” in diameter, making it fit nicely inside pockets. Everyone can carry their own! And it doesn’t weigh down your service member during those 80lb pack hikes.

It’s leak-proof.

Parents everywhere rejoice when a water bottle is leak-proof. Like actually leak-proof. Like your toddler dumps it upside down in your purse with your laptop kind of leak-proof. The patented screw top keeps an airtight seal when it’s closed and helps control the flow when it’s open. So even when full, this is a great addition to gym bags, packs, lunch boxes, and diaper bags.

It’s perfect for travel.

Being lightweight and leak-proof aren’t the only reasons this collapsible water bottle is perfect for travel, though it helps. This water bottle is TSA-approved for carry-on. There is also a strap that makes it easy to carry when full and doubles as a way to keep it compact when empty. This makes it a great option for overseas moves, Space-A flights, or even deployments.

It’s BPA free.

Plastic has a bad reputation, but the Nomader collapsible water bottle is BPA free. Designed and tested for health-conscious and eco-friendly families, these are made of 100% food-grade materials without BPA, BPS, lead, PVS, phthalates or other leaching chemicals. The silicone is also non-toxic to soil organisms and can be converted back into harmless ingredients. A win for everyone.

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It’s durable and stylish.

Durability is key when purchasing a new product, especially one as common as a water bottle. But knowing that you’re getting something that is going to last is key. The hazards of military life have nothing on the Nomader, which was built for ruggedness and can handle extreme temperatures. Dropping it won’t even phase it. Which is good because that toddler I’ve been mentioning likes to occasionally throw water bottles at the wall.

It’s versatile and stylish.

The Nomader collapsible water bottle comes in 11 colors, so even the teenagers in your life can find something that matches their shoes or their backpack. Enough colors to assign one per family member will cut down on the bickering in the backseat on that next cross-country drive, too. And the versatility of the Nomader will make you smile. Not only can it hold hot and cold liquids (yay, coffee!), it’s also freezable and dishwasher safe.

It’s hygienic.

And for the last concern, you may have about reusable water bottles, it’s hygienic. We have a rule that only water goes in water bottles. And if you’ve ever seen the inner workings of one of those straw sippy cups, you know why. But if you decide to put juice or coffee in yours and then run it through the dishwasher, you’re good. You can also be sure that germs won’t gather on the mouthpiece because cap doubles as a hygienic spout cover. They’ve really thought of everything.

The Nomader collapsible water bottle checks all the boxes on the list of “things we need in a water bottle to make life easier” list. Are you ready for a bonus reason we love it? It’s on Amazon. Which means Prime shipping. You’re welcome.


The Perfect Collapsible Water Bottle For Military Families


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