It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is telling you that there is yet another thing absolutely vital your child’s health and happiness. The reality is a bit simpler. Some good food, lots of love, and a good night’s sleep are bound to put them on the track to a wholesome upbringing. It can be tough when that last one seems to allude your kid, but your child’s sleep is so worth it even though their 10-step bedtime routine drives you crazy. Here is everything that a solid sleep schedule can do for your little one and some tips on how to achieve sleepytime bliss.

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4 Reasons Your Child’s Sleep is Crucial

Allows Them to Grow

We joke that kids shoot up overnight, but it’s true. Most of the human growth hormone that helps kids grow is produced and spread throughout the body overnight. When kids don’t get the sleep they need, they are going to grow at a much slower rate which isn’t a good thing.

Helps Kids to Be Kinder

The better your child sleeps, the better they will behave. They will be kinder, more empathetic, and listen to you and teachers a lot more. This will make your job as a parent a lot easier and a lot more fun.

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Helps them Make Creative Connections

Because their brains will be able to fire on all pistons, well-rested kids will have a much easier time making the creative connections that we all love. This will help them to remember things better and to be their happiest selves.

your child's sleep

You Child’s Sleep Makes it Easier for them to Learn

Sleep helps everyone to have better memory retention which makes school significantly easier in the long run. Your kids will have better homework and test scores, and keep the skills they learn for longer.

How Can You Improve Your Child’s Sleep Quality?

Because sleep is so important, you want to do everything you can to help your kids sleep well. Here are some ideas on how to teach your kids good sleeping habits that will help them to keep sleeping well throughout their lives.

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Improve Bedding

Make sure that your children have a comfortable bed to sleep in. If their sheets or pillows are not right, they are going to have a very hard time falling asleep at night. 

Reduce Distractions in the Bedroom

Whenever you can, try to keep distractions like electronics outside of the bedroom at night. This will stop games and other noisy nonsense from taking away from the precious hours devoted to your child’s sleep.

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Keep Them On A Routine

A set bedtime and bedtime routine will help your child’s body and brain to start relaxing and feeling tired at around the same time every day. It may not make you popular with your kids, but it’s something they need to maintain throughout their life.

your child's sleep

Help Them Feel Safe

Last but not least, make sure that they feel safe and happy in their rooms. This might mean you need to spend more time with them in their rooms or doing the stereotypical checking for monsters under the bed routine. It can make a real difference in your child’s sleep quality.

Sleep is important and you are the only one who knows your children the way you do. If you notice a long stretch of sleep struggles, talk to your pediatrician to see what else you can do to make sleeping easier for them.

Guest Writer:
Samantha Kent is a researcher for Her favorite writing topic is how getting enough sleep can improve your life. Currently residing in Boise, Idaho, she sleeps in a California King bed, often with a cat on her face.

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Why Your Child’s Sleep Is So Important


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