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Thank You, Military Spouse Sister Wives

Thank You, Military Spouse Sister Wives

It’s been several months since you uprooted your little family from a picturesque small town on the East Coast (or wherever) to sunny and vibrant Southern California (or wherever). No matter how climatically perfect it is where you are now, you can’t help feeling nostalgic about the people you left behind. The truth is, it’s hard to put into words just how magical these people are to you, but there are some words of gratitude to share. Maybe you relate to each one (how coincidental would that be), or maybe you relate to a few. Either way, here’s a big shout out to our military spouse sister wives.

Thank You for That Time You…

  • Babysat the kids so I could unpack the house
  • Came over for “Pizza, PJs, and Puffy Eyes” on night one of deployment
  • Agreed to a playdate
  • Agreed to be my emergency contact
  • Drove over just to dispose of the dead bird on the porch because I…just…couldn’t…deal
  • Lent your husband (on more than one occasion) to hang picture frames and change light bulbs
  • Convinced me to join MOPS
  • Delivered dinner, wine, coffee, chocolate, and more wine
  • Drove me to the emergency room and watched the kids that time I sliced my finger open cutting an avocado
  • Let me cry
  • Prayed over me when I missed my husband over that Christmas deployment
  • Remembered the milestones
  • Showed up for the milestones
  • Mandated after-church family sushi dates
  • Got my kid (and me) through kindergarten
  • Sent carpool-line texts (all of them)
  • Brightened my day with Snapchat
  • Hosted my baby shower
  • Picked up milk for me, so I didn’t have to my make the fourth commissary appearance for the week
  • Took the kids so that I could nap
  • Took the kids so that I could have baby number three
  • Helped me organize and prep the house to move
  • Loved on my kids like they were your own

Thank you for all the times you told me we’d be friends no matter the distance.


Every Military Spouse

P.S. Who would you thank for “all those times” today?

Thank You, Military Spouse Sister Wives

Photo Credits: Corry Frazier Photography

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