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Spouse Spotlight: Meg Flanagan of MilKidsEd

Spouse Spotlight: Meg Flanagan of MilKidsEd

MilKidsEd fearless leader and Massachusetts-born Meg Flanagan wears many hats. She’s Mom, a runner, teacher, avid reader, maker of fabulous soups, wife, military spouse, lover of all things Disney, and a traveler. She has been married to her Marine for 10 years; they have two kids, a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old. Her pup has been her battle buddy through every up and down of military life.

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Of note, she has run on three continents, added five stamps to her passport in the last year, and been to three of the Disney parks. She attended Bridgewater State University and graduated with degrees in history and elementary education. She then went on to gain a master’s in special education. Her passion for education and teaching those around her has materialized in many roles, including tutor, teacher, and education advocate.

She began MilKidsEd in 2010 as a vessel for her passions and has now operated it on two continents, thanks to the military. She wrote a book for parents, highlighting her tips from her experience as a teacher and a parent. Her Facebook page is a bevy of insights on educational tools, the best school supplies, and tips on how to make everyday life a learning activity. MilKidsEd provides school communication coaching, communication management, and advocacy meeting services. Coaching sessions are charged by the half-hour, while advocacy sessions are charged by the hour. Monthly communication management from MilKidsEd to the teacher is charged monthly. For specific pricing, check out MilkidsEd. Homework-helper printables for school are coming soon!

Join Us this Wednesday, August 1st at 5pm PDT/8pm EST when we chat with Meg on Facebook Live about the stresses of finding a new school when you PCS!

Facebook Live with MilKids Ed

Want to learn more about the lifestyle of The Military Spouse Teacher? Take a peek at one teacher’s experience.

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