September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Daily Mom Military has partnered with Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation to help ensure that one day no family has to hear the words, “Your child has cancer.”

CNCF Campaign

For military families, childhood cancer is a burden that is only compounded by the stressors that military life has to bring. Between PCSing, deployments, and trainings, families have to deal with finding appropriate treatment for their children, along with maintaining a sense of normalcy for the entire family. But the truth is — military or not — no child should experience the horrific tragedy that cancer brings.

We talked with two military spouses and they told us the stories of their children’s battles with childhood cancer. Both women lost their babies at young ages — one suddenly and one after years of battling. But the fight isn’t over for either woman. They both continue to share their daughters’ stories to ensure other parents feel supported and to help raise funds for research.

These are their stories. 

Millie Mae Watkins as Told by Her Mother, Jayshree

Millie Mae Watkins

Jayshree is a USMC spouse. Her daughter, Millie, was diagnosed with Stage IV pediatric neuroblastoma. Here is her story.

Lilli Shull as Told by Her Mother, Jen


Jen is a USMC spouse. Her daughter, Lilli, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor called ATRT. Here is her story.

Daily Mom Military created a fundraiser with Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation to support the research of a cure for pediatric neuroblastoma. There are several ways you can help.

  1. Share this story with family and friends. Getting the word out there is one of the best ways to bring awareness and motivate people to help.

2.  Donate to our fundraiser. All funds will be directly donated to CNCF.

3.   Purchase Santa bags from Where the Blue Birds Fly Designs. These bags are made by another USMC spouse, Sara, who lost her son at 3 months old to heart disease. 100 percent of the proceeds will be going to our fundraiser with CNCF.

Santa Bags

Let’s kick childhood cancer’s ass to the curb. 

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  1. Thank you Jayshree for sharing your heartbreaking story. There is not a mother alive who would not cry listening to you tell it. I know that you will go on to do great things in her memory.


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