Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or a party planning newb, it’s always nice to have a couple tricks up your sleeve to help make the process of party planning a little easier. We’ve got 8 ridiculously easy birthday party hacks to help lighten the load, so you can enjoy the party!

1Repurpose Things You Already Have

Ridiculously Easy Birthday Party Hacks Al Ghazali Via Unsplash

Do you like saving money? Yeh, we do too! Here’s a hack that can help you save those sweet dollar bills. Repurpose anything that you have around the house as party decor. For example, fitted sheets work well for table cloth, especially if they have a patter on them. Wheel barrels or kiddy pools can be used as drink holders (they can hold a lot of ice too, which is a plus!). You can also use cupcake tins for condiments and toppings, just place each condiment or topping in each cupcake hole along with a small serving spoon. Just look around your house for anything you can repurpose, you’ll be surprised at what your imagination will think of!

2Make Fruit Cubes To Make Drinks Look Awesome

Ridiculously Easy Birthday Party Hacks Marisa Mcdonald Photography

Incorporating fruit cubes to your water containers or punch bowls instantly create a wow factor at a party. They cost little to nothing depending on what fruit you decide to use and they add an extra hint of flavor to an otherwise boring drink. Here’s how to do it: fill an ice tray with water and place sliced fruit (such as: strawberries, grapes, blueberries, etc.) in each and freeze! It’s that easy! You can get really creative with this idea by using different food like mint leaves, lemon slices, or cucumbers; whatever you feel!

3Decide on Your 3 Must-Haves

Ridiculously Easy Birthday Party Hacks Brooke Lark Via Unsplash

Sometimes we get a little carried away when planning a party. You know, when you have those “Pinterest-worthy” party ideas and you want to incorporate all of it into the party? Yup, we’ve been there. In order to make sure you create the perfect party a reality, make sure you have your 3 must-haves that you know you will plan and budget for. This way there is no room for disappointment if your other ideas fall through. And hey, if you find that you have a little more wiggle room in your pocket and sanity for the rest of your ideas, get er done!

4Shop the Dollar Spot

The best place to get party decor is at your local dollar spot, like the Target dollar spot, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Daiso, or anywhere that sells inexpensive party favors in your area. Most of these places sell inflated balloons too, which really helps with the party budget.

5Reuse Old Birthday Items

Ridiculously Easy Birthday Party Hacks Marisa Mcdonald Photography

If you have old birthday candles, plates or decor hanging around, don’t be afraid to reuse them! Another tip is to keep party decor that you’ve recently purchased for your next shindig.

6Make a Food Bar

Ridiculously Easy Birthday Party Hacks Randy Fath Via Unsplash

When it comes to deciding what type of food to serve at a party, it can get a little daunting when you want to please all of your guest’s taste buds. Try making a food bar and let your guests decide what they want to eat. You can try serving a taco bar, pizza bar, hot dog bar, dessert bar, nacho bar, burger bar, noodle bar – you get the idea.

7Bubbles are Fun for Everyone!

Ridiculously Easy Birthday Party Hacks Sebastian Pichler Via Unsplash

Instead of using balloons for decor, try using bubbles as a replacement! All you need is a bubble machine (you can find one at any party store, or right here). Kids love bubbles, it adds a magical effect to a party and it also serves as entertainment!

8Make a DIY Cereal Box Piñata

Ridiculously Easy Birthday Party Hacks

What better way to kick off a party than with a fun piñata? This inexpensive DIY piñata is great because it’s completely customizable. Here’s how to do it: Grab an empty cereal box and decorate the outside with fun tissue paper or paint (get creative!). Cut a hole at the top of the box, just large enough to thread rope through and tie the end of the rope in a knot. Then, fill the cereal box with anything you want (candy, toys, stickers, etc.). Voila! You just made a cereal box piñata! Pretty neat huh?

Do you have any party hacks?

Comment down below to let us know what your favorite party hacks are! Happy planning!

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