7 Tips To Help You List Your Home As For Sale By Owner

7 Tips to Help You List Your Home as For Sale...

With a robust real estate industry, we often assume that the only way to sell a house is by utilizing the services of a...
Domestic Travel, Including Conus Pcs, Halted Until Mid-may

Domestic Travel, Including CONUS PCS, Halted until Mid-May

The Department of Defense made an unprecedented move on Friday, announcing that all official domestic travel for service members and their families, including PCS...
How To Help A Friend Who Is Pcsing

5 Ways to Help a Friend Who is PCSing

PCS season is upon us…..but what happens when you are not one of the families to PCS? Perhaps it’s your off year and you’ll be...
Secretary Of Defense Issues Travel Bans For Military Families: Here’s What You Need To Know

Secretary of Defense Issues Travel Bans for Military Families: Here’s What...

At 9 PM EST, President Trump addressed the nation in regards to COVID-19. In addition to asking Congress to approve lifting financial constraints on...
What To Do If Your Military Family Is Quarantined During Pcs

What to Do if Your Military Family is Quarantined during PCS

Update March 12, 2020: As of March 11, 2020, President Trump made a sweeping ban of travel restrictions from Europe into the United States...
Do We Need A Property Management Company When We Pcs?

Do We Need a Property Management Company When We PCS?

As military families, we always are thinking ahead a few years and if you are a homeowner there is no doubt you have considered...
How to Love Where you Live

How to L.O.V.E Where you Live Every Time You PCS

As a military family, it can be hard to truly love where you live. I get it. PCS after PCS can wear a person...
Tips For Healthy Pcs Food Options Lunch Box

10 Tips for Healthy PCS Food Options

Moving to a new duty station doesn’t have to come with the sick feeling of way too much junk food. A lot of permanent...
moving often

5 Undeniably Awesome Things about Moving Often

Changing up your scenery every three years can either totally suck or be one of the coolest opportunities you will ever have. A shift...
How To Set Smart Real Estate And Pcs Goals

Using S.M.A.R.T for Your Real Estate Goals as a Military Family

It’s a new year, which means new goals! We all want to make our lives better and richer with professional success, health goals, and...

Staying Fit and Eating Clean During PCS Limbo

Going through a permanent change of station (PCS) is a real pain. But it’s what military members and their families do. Most have gotten...
Need A Realtor Unsplash Dolan

Should You Use a Realtor or Sell Your Own House? The...

PCS orders have finally arrived! With all the questions you already have about that doozy of a situation, now you’re asking yourself the monumental...
online selling before PCS

Online Selling Tips: What You Need to Know Before You PCS

With another relocation approaching, we know you’re itching to clear out that junk-filled garage. We have some online selling tips that will help you...
Where To Look Buy Home Dolan Unsplash

8 House Hunting Websites for Military Families

Military families rarely get the luxury to choose their location and house hunting can be quite overwhelming when you are moving to a brand...
The Truth About Shipping To Apo/dpo/fpo Addresses

The Truth About Shipping to APO/DPO/FPO Addresses

You know what they say about people who assume things: They avoid shipping to APO/DPO/FPO addresses because they assume it’s too hard. OK, so...
Decorating For The Holidays While Pcsinggirl

Decorating for the Holidays while PCSing

Every military family has a running timeline in their head. When you're awaiting orders to a new duty station, you quietly countdown the number...
How To Stage Your Home When You Have Kids

How to Stage Your Home to Sell or Rent When You...

The home buying and selling process can be quite daunting and comes with its own unique challenges. If you have ever tried selling a...
tips for changing schools mid year people 2243021 1280

Tips for Changing Schools Mid-year

Being the new kid is always a challenge. Changing schools mid-year can present a different set of challenges altogether. Sometimes during mid-year PCS season,...
Weird Things Movers Pack Eastern Sky Photography

What the Movers Will Pack that Will Have You Scratching Your...

If you have done a permanent change of station move, chances are you've wondered what the movers will pack, or won't pack. The answer...
my first pcs as a military spouse boxes 3883980 1280

My First PCS as a Military Spouse

When I was in the military, I made two Permanent Change of Stations (PCS), but each time I moved I followed my husband –...
How To Move Around The Corner Eastern Sky Photography

4 Solutions When You Move Between Orders

Why do simple things cause so much grief? You can handle a six-month deployment without breaking a sweat, but a temporary duty (TDY) three...

New Duty Station, New Disaster Prep

What do you mean we’re moving to the coast? I don’t know the first thing about hurricane prep! If there are a few universal...
Make Money With These 8 Successful Reseller Tips

Make Money with these 8 Successful Reseller Tips

The garage is overflowing, the drawers are ready to burst, and there are more than a few mystery boxes in a closet that you...

Settle In: Make a Quick Adjustment After PCS

Why is moving so stressful and emotionally taxing? Well, that's easy. It's because we leave behind everything we’ve been building to make a home and have to...

Is your Car Seat Ready for an Overseas Move?

Moving overseas can be a wild ride! There are some things you don’t even think about until you need them. Sometimes moms may be too busy with the move to think about car seats overseas. This can be a challenge especially if you are not stationed near a military installation with an exchange. Even then the selection of car seats is not anywhere near what is available stateside.
booze in boxes.eastern sky photography 7

Booze Allowed in Boxes for Marine Corps Families

Maradmin 289/19 was released on May 16th, announcing changes to what can be officially packed for Marine Corps families! What, pray tell, is the...
What To Feed Your Family Jessica To Oto Via Unsplash

House Camping Recipes to Feed Your Family When the Moving Truck...

Nutritious meals during a PCS? Eating in transit usually means all the restaurant food, but it is possible to feed your family well. We...
The Art Of The Express Shipment Packout Brooke Lark Via Unsplash

What to Pack in Your Military Express Shipment + Tips

Ah, PCS. An acronym that every military spouse knows far too well, and yet, it’s never quite mastered. Every move comes with different obstacles,...
All Of Your Va Home Loan Questions Answered

All of Your VA Home Loan Questions Answered

PCSing stands for Permanent Chaos & Stress, right? One area that adds a cloud of anxiety the buying and selling a home is financing....

Cross-Country PCS Tips

Moving is stressful. Moving across the country is stressful. Moving across the country with two kids under 5? That’s totally not, right? Here are...
Host A Take My Stuff Party

Host a Take My Stuff Party

There are two major problems when moving. OK, there are many — but the two most important tasks everyone thinks about leading up to...
Ways To Cope And Not Lose Your Mind When Orders Change Raw Pixel From Unsplash

5 Ways to Cope When Orders Change

This is one of those things that doesn’t seem like a big deal. Oh, you were supposed to move to California, and now you’re...
How To Move Your Business When You Pcs

How To Move Your Business When You PCS

As a military spouse, traditional employment is something that is not guaranteed. Most of us have left the stability of a typical 9-5 to...
Administrative Weight Limitation (awl) Change For Accompanied Marines To Japan

Administrative Weight Limitation (AWL) Change for Accompanied Marines to Japan

Updated 8 April 2019 MARADMIN has been published, and can be viewed here. If you're a Marine Corps spouse PCSing to Japan, you know all too...
What To Expect When You Pcs On The Patriot Express

What to Expect When You PCS on the Patriot Express

It’s the jetliner taking you on the long haul — the final stretch of the biggest (or second biggest if you’re returning to the...
Keeping The Magic Of The Season When You Dont Go Home For The Holidays Marisa Mcdonald Photography

5 Tips for Finding a Home at Your New Duty Station

This is a guest post from MilitarybyOwner Any fan of HGTV or other home shopping shows will tell you that finding a new home is...