Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated military spouses from every branch of the military living all over the world with the drive to bring you everything you need for our unique lifestyle. From tips to handle PCSing and deployments like a #boss, what to wear to a Dining Out, and career resources to fitness tips, recipes, and wellness advice our team works to make sure you have everything you need to rock the milspouse life and more- because we are you.


Managing Editor

Lauren is a full-time mom of three girls and a military spouse. She loves to write, run, yoga-it-out, and keep fit. She runs her own business for busy entrepreneurs to help them manage their business and create their brand at Lauren Lomsdale Creative Studios. She also is one half of the YouTube channel, The Dependas, where the craziness of military life is discussed in a funny way.


Editor in Chief

Rebecca Alwine is a freelance writer, army wife, and mother of three. Over the past 10 years, she's discovered she enjoys coffee, lifting weights, and most of the menial tasks of motherhood. When she's not writing, she can usually be found hiding behind the sewing machine or with her nose in a book. Her writing experience includes military family topics, research pieces, guest blogging, and much more. Some of her favorite pieces have been published on ScaryMommy, Ms. Magazine and the Atlantic's City Lab. Follow her on her own blog, where she tackles parenting while trying to get to the gym, at What Rebecca Thinks or you can email her at


Editor of Photography

Jesse is an adventurer and wanderer at heart. She's traveled to over 20 different countries around the world, worked at Disneyland, sailed on tall ships, and served in the US Navy. There's too much to see and do in the world to stay in one place, so the military life suits her just fine. Now, she lives in Jacksonville, NC with her Marine husband and precious, joyous, sassy-like-her-momma daughter. She recently published her first book titled “From Overwhelmed to In Control” which is about breaking the cycle of constant stress. With numerous interests and projects, she gets to practice her own tips often!Jesse also runs a portrait photography business.



Lori Ennis is living and loving the life wherever the Marine Corps sends her (pilot husband)! A self-confessed ‘hot mess,’ (hey, we all have to have our *things*!) she has degrees in Communications, Psychology and Education. A former classroom teacher, she’s now a content editor for several publications including, and Still Standing Magazine. Spending the last 21 years ‘blooming where the military plants her,’ she can’t get enough beach time with her hubby and seven-year-old lookalike, Luke. She loves animals, babies and is always up for a good belly-laugh! She’s a happy and thankful gal who is grateful for the best titles in the world—“Military Wife and Mama.”

Katie Van Brunt


Katie is an elementary school teacher turned dance and yoga instructor turned stay-at-home-mom to three kids, but dreams of being a children's author and illustrator when she grows up. She lives in Southern California (for now, Because: Military) with her strikingly handsome Navy Flight Surgeon husband, who's never too cool for Random Dance Parties. When she isn't hiding from her kids in the laundry room, Katie loves creating art, being sarcastic, tagging friends in ridiculous memes, and going to the gym (but only if childcare is included). Katie openly shares her experiences with conquering Postpartum Depression on her personal blog, "Loyal, Loving, & Learning" in hopes of inspiring others to live their best life. 


Travel Editor

Heather Walsh is a mom, Marine wife, Navy child, blogger and lover of all things crafty and Disney. Professionally, she is a Physician Assistant who has worked all over the globe (literally) and has a passion for helping others to stay positive and supported. She has been writing since KidPix had the ability to write stories on floppy disk. The military lifestyle is something she has always known, so traveling and capturing those moments and sharing what she learns with her community is important to her. She is one of three women who share travel tips for the military family at Mil Mom Adventures They are currently sharing exploration of Southern California and Virginia with tips for the military family on how to enjoy the adventure with every PCS and save money while doing it!


Social Media Manager

Brittany is an Army wife, mom to two little boys, and a dog. She loves photography, yoga, and all things social media! She's a work from home mom that works for multiple businesses running all their social media. If you'd like to connect with Brittany you can find her at Brittany McAnally or follow her on Instagram.


Facebook Manager

A journalist and teller of stories by day and introvert by night, Renee lives her life always trying to find a balance between the two. In the middle, she is a sports enthusiast, social media guru, lover of candid snapshots and daily dazzled by both her charming husband and always-entertaining baby boy. With her sense of adventure satisfied through her marriage to a Marine Corps aviator, she has enjoyed living in multiple cities but is currently rooted in San Diego, California, spending weekends with the dolphins and sea lions on her paddleboard, circled around a beach bonfire with her church community group, or cozied up on the couch with her little family, a Redbox movie and pizza. You can discover more of her journey as a military spouse on her blog, Chasing Proverbs.

Shayna Mabee

Writer; Pinterest Manager

Shayna is a coffee-fueled mom-of-three who loves boho-minimalist decor, kinetic sand, and going to the bathroom in privacy. She writes, homeschools, runs an online resale shop, and hangs out on Instagram to discuss clean beauty. When not actively engaged in potty training, of course. In a former life, she operated ships and tugboats as a civilian mariner, and in the process, learned that there's nowhere like home. Her husband, a US Marine, is still waiting with bated breath for her to bake something. They are currently stationed in beautiful Southern California.

Lydia Bradbury


Lydia Bradbury is our adventure seeking, world schooling, traveling mom of three small boys. With degrees in Anthropology and Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Museum Science she brings an interesting perspective to everything she sees. Lydia has spent most of 2017 and 2018 traveling North America and Europe with her children while schooling them on the road. She began documenting her travels through her blog The Wild Bradburys and now shares those experiences with us at Daily Mom Military as well. You can follow her non-mainstream take on parenting, home schooling and being a military spouse on Instagram as well.

Misti Jorges


Misti Jorges is a mother of three and wife to a 14-year Navy veteran. She has ten years of veterinary experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Her hobbies include sewing, reading, video games, and leaving craft projects half-done. She geeks out to Doctor Who, Supernatural, Marvel movies, and so much more. One day she hopes to publish her own fantasy novel series.